Saturday, 13 April 2013

Am I a Sandwich?

Croissant breakfast all together. Grandad came down in his lounge pants.

Very nice

Small and Grandad went off to Cubs to enter his car in the KubKar Design Competition. There were a lot of people (and many girls who were cubs!?). This was the area finals of racing and design. It was very noisy and competitive. Small didn't win anything in this round but our Hamlet's cubs won first place. Grandad was sceptical of the winners of "no help" category! Grandad also took a lot of notice of how the cars were weighted and their designs so we can make a better and faster car for next year.

Huffle went off to the doctors as his throat was sore and his tonsils were swollen. He got some antibiotics and the pharmacist told him to drink plenty and only have his tablets after food and then told him to eat 'candy'. He found this most amusing. He has never been told by a professional doctor/pharmacist to eat more sweets! That shows the difference between North America and United Kingdom.

Smallest had a bath and then we sat at the table (with our new table cloth)....

Love it!

We built the castle from Smallest's book and then made a balloon sword and belt to carry it in

Once Grandad, Small and Huffle came home, we drove to Port Perry and had a Fish and Chip dinner. The woman in there argued with me (in a nice way) about which was better, Haddock or Halibut. I renamed her Halibut Harriet. Her argument was that Haddock was too fishy (for what? Fish?). Their special today was Mushy Peas.

We drove next to the lake and while Grandma rested her weary limbs, the rest of us explored. It was really cold. The lake was still partly frozen. The boys had a quick play on the park.

We saw three Beavers sitting on the ice. A soon as we tried to get closer they disappeared into the icy water but we have no idea where they went.

Bottom right is a Beaver.

Boats lined up.............Huffle and Grandad

Huffle and Grandad Beaver Watching..........a lampost.......the boys standing dangerously close to the lake

I asked the boys to turn around for a photo and they both put their backs to me, cheeky boys. What a pair! It got colder and we made our way home. Grandma, Huffle and Small went straight home. Grandad, Smallest and I went to the ice-cream shop and bought some ice-cream for a birthday cake for Grandad. On the way I drove into the wrong part near MacDonalds. Grandad realised I had driven into the drive through the wrong way. Everyone inside was looking at us through the window so I waved at them and reversed back. Then I nearly drove through the drive through. Grandad thought it was hilarious. We got the ice cream and then went into Bulk Barn for Porridge. The lady in there thought I was Scottish. (Because I bought porridge and wasn't Canadian?). NO I AM ENGLISH! Speak again she said. When I did she asked where I was from, she said, thats not far from Scotland is it? Yes, about 500 miles, about 7 hours away. We went to the supermarket and chose a birthday cake for Grandma. Smallest chose the numbers for Grandma's cake (her age as far as he is concerned) and Small chose Grandad's.

Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu twooooooo

Once we were full of cake and ice cream and tea we started to play "who am I?". Very funny. Then we taught the kids to play Charades. Funny too.

The boys had their tea which they made themselves. We watched TV until the boys bedtime.



Aunt Pear said...

The only photo missing is G&G holding hands! Grandad in "house pants" or pyjama bottoms as they really are is a disturbing photo. Get better soon Huffle.

AA said...

I know how you must feel being mistaken for a Scot. People are always mistaking me for English.

I'm glad your boys don't choose the numbers for my birthday cake!!


Anonymous said...

Snort, poor Grandma!! Perhaps it should have said 38? Don't think Grandad is 75 either! Love the new table cloth, hope it warms up a bit and grandad doesn't miss his big coat.


Aunt Pear said...

Lllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll it's cousin e.