Monday, 15 April 2013

Does it spin, light up or squirt water?

Last night we watched some of the film "Sherlock Holmes".

Huffle went off to work, still not 100% but taking his antibiotics. Small went off to school coughing and sneezing. The bus was late and I checked on the website and it said that the bus had been cancelled which was strange as it was a beautiful sunny day. However, it did turn up.

After Smallest played on the computer, he joined Grandad in the garden and they raked leaves, dug the garden, broke up the snow and ice and moved huge chunks of it into the sun, wheelbarrowed leaves from the top of the garden to the bottom, mended the gate and put up the basket that had fallen off the barn.

Very busy boys.

Grandma and I went shopping. First we stopped at the Consignment Store. Only one piece of furniture was still there that Huffle and I had our eye on. It's finish date (the cheapest price) wasn't until 22 April and all the other pieces had gone! We were disappointed. The lady in there said that on Thursday some more furniture would be arriving so we now have another reason to go in next week.

Spot the odd one out

Next we went to Homesense/Winners and managed to get a pair of shoes each (though we could have bought many more), a shirt for Huffle, a present for home and a book about Muffins. Then we were hungry so we went to Tim Horton's (only place available) for a bagel and an orange juice and half a muffin. We then did the food shopping. Grandma couldn't find the Tomatoes (because she was saying it wrong - it's tomaydoes Grandma, not tomartoes).

We came home, put the shopping away, had a cup of tea on the porch and watched Grandad and Smallest finish off. They had done a beautiful job and the garden is looking splendid.

I skyped Moo and we chatted with her till Small came home. He was poorly, his throat hurt and he didn't look well. He had a hot Ribena and a sit down, then a lie on the sofa. I was about to take him to the doctors when he said he was feeling a bit better. Possibly part of his cold/cough?! He had his soup and bread and ice cream and a hot bath, and an early night.

Smallest went off to Beavers. Tonight they picked up litter around the Legion where they have their meetings and generally tidied up the area. He went with his gloves ready for picking up!

Grandad and I went to the Garden Club and had a talk on Bees. We learnt how to create and look after a pollinator garden. It was very interesting and the food afterwards was very nice. A honey cake, brownies and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Grandma and Huffle played scrabble and watched Little Britain. Grandma trounced him (apparently it means thrashed him!).


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Aunt Pear said...

Glad to see you have Grandad working, was getting worried you had gone soft, hope the sick bay improves quickly. x