Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Great British Tea Table


Huffle put up the bunting this morning and it flapped beautifully in the wind as the boys were waiting for the bus.

We didn't see anywhere else with bunting or flags up, so we made the most of it and dressed in our Union Jack wear. Smallest got out the StGeorges day noisy blowers.

The temperature was a fabulous 28* in the sun room and a passable 16* outside. Very nice. I forgot to mention yesterday that Ducky's head was knocked off by a Smallest kicking a ball! Grandad glued it back on. Poor Ducky.

The grown ups went out today for a jaunt (Huffle had the day off again). We bought some plants and some little trees. We found an apple tree that had four different varieties on it. Think we may buy it when we have room in our car. We tried John's Garden again but it was still closed so made our way into Town. We had a potter round, popped into the Thrifty Shop and bought some material and a few shirts. That 'loving couple' followed us around again!


Then we headed for the lovely restaurant we like. Grandma, Huffle and I had fish and chips and Grandad had Deep Quiche. I had a lovely Organic Beer (well it was St.Georges Day), grandad partaked in a cider and Grandma a Spritzer. It was a gorgeous dinner and we topped it off with an ice cream from the new Italian Gelataria. Yum yum. I had Cappucino, Grandad had Blueberry and Mango and Huffle had Chocolate. They were beautiful.

We asked Grandma to take a photo of us and just as she was taking it, a woman went past obliviously and got in our photo.
We came home, via a supermarket to pick up groceries, emptied the car and had a cup of tea. Grandad painted the fence and I biked to the shop to get some sugar for Grandma to make some proper English Scones.
I took this photo whilst on my bike - lovely blueness
When the boys came home, Small did his homework, Grandma carried on with the scones and the rest of us played football.

After a game of cricket, Small went off to Cubs.

Tonight they were racing boats (or in Small's case, a Duck!). He wasn't happy because his duck came last every race and kept getting tangled up in sticks. He did have fun and we almost forgot to pick him up. We will be looking for a different vessel for next time.

Meanwhile, the rest of us had a St.Georges Day tea. Egg Sandwiches, Cucumber Sandwiches, Cheese Sones, Scones, Jam and Cream, Pot of Tea. It was lovely.

Great British Spread



I also forgot to mention that on Sunday, when the weather was hot, Huffle burnt his head. It looked like a beacon. Smallest and I also caught the sun a bit.

Silly Huffle



Aunt Pear said...

Sounded a lovely day. Pity about Huffle's head, factor 30 in future. Speed looked great.

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Huffle needs a hat!