Friday, 19 April 2013

Rain won't stop fence painting!

Everyone slept well (Grandad better than anyone of course!). Huffle went to work, still tired but feeling better. Small (fully fit) and Smallest went off to school.

After breakfast, Grandad went out in the rain and stained the fence (he said it wasn't raining so it must be true). Grandma and I went Mall shopping. As we got out of the car, the wind took hold of both doors and threw them open (luckily there weren't cars parked too close) and then the wind almost picked us up and carried us into the Mall (yes it was that strong!).

Our list today included: a $5+ item with a Princess theme to go into a SpringFest basket (we bought a very sparkly tiny handbag), a $5+ item with a SuperHero theme (we bought an Iron Man3 cap), a birthday present for a 6 year old girl, for a party Smallest is going to (we bought an animal furry lockable diary), a birthday present for a 2year old girl (we bought her a wheelbarrow and tools). Grandma bought a present for home and some lovely coasters and a teapot stand for us, which I then dropped and broke. I took them back to the shop and asked if they would replace them as they failed to wrap them. They did.

We stopped for a little something and a drink and then came home. As we left the Mall, the rain was coming down really heavily. We got very wet. We drove home wondering if Grandad would be in the rain or not. He was inside but hadn't been there long because the rain hadn't got to the Hamlet (and he said it so it must be true!). He had finished one side of the fence and the other side of the gate. Lovely.

Grandad had a soak in the bath before I took him to the bus station to go to Toronto to meet Huffle for an evening at the baseball watching the Blue Jays and New York Yankees. Grandma decided to stay and wait for the boys to come home.

Smallest had made some 3D shapes and was very proud of them.

They had their snacks and then we went to swimming. The rain had stopped but the clouds were very dark and threatening, though it was 16* today.

The boys swam well as usual. Small was tired out but enjoyed it, though they are teaching him to do Breast Stroke differently to how he was taught in the UK. Smallest had fun. We think he may be the smallest and youngest in his class. While we were waiting for the boys to get dry and dressed we stood in the foyer. There was a woman with two twin babies and a toddler. The toddler was screaming which in turn set off the babies. The woman was trying to make the toddler understand she wasn't going to buy him a chocolate bar however much he screamed. He screamed louder and the babies did too. She got madder and tried to attach the babies' chairs to their pushchair, whilst still arguing and reasoning with the toddler. I could identify with her and asked her if I could help her. Her reply was "NO NOT RIGHT NOW THANK YOU" in a very brusque and rude way. Right then, glad I asked! Won't bother again!!

We had dinner when we got home. Grandma showed them the hats she had bought for them.

Pair of dudes!

Huffle sent us a photo of the stadium they were in.

Hope they had binoculars!


When we had finally got the kids in bed and they had their stories, Grandma and I had a Ladies Night (no strippers though!), Wine, Chocolate and the Great British Sewing Bee. PERFECT.

Get well soon HB - Bazinga xx

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