Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Would one like to have tea at the Royal York?

Not a bad night's sleep. There was maybe a smattering of rain but nothing to stop me going to work this morning. I woke up completely deaf in one ear. My fault, I should have had them syringed by now. one of the things that the lovely Moo and her mother Gram passed down to me was tiny tiny ear channels which dont allow wax to disperse through, just gets blocked up until we can no longer hear. i have to have them syringed quite regularly and I havent had them done since we have been here. tut tut. this afternoon I put some olive oil in my deaf ear and it cleared, so thinking that would clear my hearing ear, which wasnt perfectly clear, I put some in that one too. of course I went immediately deaf in both ears and now I cant hear diddly squat!

Everyone was out of the house by 8:50am. I forgot to do the boys lunches because I was out of my routine again. Never mind, I quickly put something together and threw them out of the door. Then off to work I went. It rained on the way but wasn't too bad. Mrs M greeted me and asked if I had my warm clothes on. Today we planted out the vegetable garden. Between the four of us we planted 8 different lettuces, beetroot, carrots, parsnip, radish, leeks. Everything was planted in a 'pleasing way' as the garden is open to the public and often tours are done there. All the planters were filled with pansies and lettuce. The kittens were out today and kept running into our seed lines and climbing the trees. They are funny little things!

Grasses we cut (looked like a spider). Lovely metal flower in the bed.

Me in my car surrounded by Miscanthus canes. The naughty kittens.

10:30 we stopped for coffee and Coffee and Cinnamon cake (I can't stand Cinnamon but the coffee part took over so it was nice) that one of the ladies had made. Then we cleared the paths between the veg beds and moved to the main part of the garden centre where we cut down some huge Miscanthus. I bought all the canes home for the boys to use to make a den. Trying to fit them in my car was hilarious and I couldn't see anything out of the rear view mirror and the grasses were stuck to my head! Still I got them home and put them in a nice pile for the boys to see when they got home. I also came home with some Corydalis, Violets and dried Garlic plus a recipe for Lemon Squares. I didn't dare ask if I could have some pallets (sorry Grandad, maybe next time). As I was leaving Mrs M asked if I would like to work with her next week at the Royal York in Toronto. Would I? Yes please! Oh my god, I can't wait, I am so excited. It is an amazing old Hotel in the middle of Downtown Toronto and on the 14th floor is a rooftop garden where they grow their own vegetables for the chefs. How cool is that?

Photos from Internet (hope to have many of my own next week) eeeeeek (excited shriek).

Because I left in a hurry this morning, when I came home the house was a tip. The dishwasher needed emptying and filling with last night's dinner stuff, the washer needed emptying and filling and also the dryer. The beds needed stripping and a general tidy up required. However, I left all that till much later and planted our leeks, carrots, parsnips, the new Corydalis and a lump of something I am hoping is a grassy thing that will help to screen the compost beds. Then once I popped Mrs Royal's spade back and put everything away, I got on with the mammoth task of the house until the boys came home. I even managed a shower. I sat outside on the front porch for all of 4 minutes and then they were home. I got to watch a NutHatch (I think that's what he was) eating from the new nut feeder on the front. He was very tame and let me get very close.


Small had his golf lesson at school today. He said he did really well and he is now a better player (in one day?) he is hoping Huffle will take him out soon. Better get Grandad's golf net up then. The boys played outside (couldn't tell if they were noisy or not). We played Hide and Seek, recorded some messages for my dear friend Aunty A - I forgot her birthday. Please forgive me?

These are the lovely photos we sent for AA - how can anyone be uncheered by those?

Huffle came home and we all ate Carrot and Tomato soup of which I made enough for the rest of the Hamlet (sound familiar anyone?). We played table tennis while Small had a shower and Smallest played on the computer.

Huffle made a start on cleaning the porch floor in preparation for painting it. Every now and then one of my ears pops and I shriek, then it goes away again and I groan. Everyone is ignoring me now. I can tell they are all shouting so I can hear them. I can't hear anything once there is another noise going on or they turn away from me. I have asked Huffle to ring the doctors for me to see if I need an appointment or can just go to the walk-in. Huffle has to put more oil in my ear when I go to bed. At least I won't be able to hear his tummy rumbling and a grumbling.



Aunt Pear said...

Love the photos of the boys. Half day today off to 90 birthday lunch for someone at golf club. Plus they have foun someone for my job, hurrah. Should finish in 6 weeks tops. Summer here I come.

Anonymous said...

How scary to not be able to hear diddly squat. lol! :) Not laughing about your hearing, but your choice of words. lol! I say that too and my kids think it's funny. I hope it all clears up for you. Threw the kids out the door... tee hee! What a fun blog post you have this morning. LOL! Happy Wednesday! You sure made mine happy with the giggles.

Bridget Larsen said...

Isnt it great that you dont have to hear to read our desk hop each week. Thats not good that you deafened both ears at the same time. Its one of the senses we really need to colour our world
Bridget #9