Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Snerfs sat on the Perf

Small and Smallest had waffles for breakfast and it was their idea to photograph and make faces!

After breakfast we all went out. Did a bit of shopping (not food). Small bought himself some Lego. The kids had some new Nerf bullets. We went into Dollarama on the lookout for a boat for Small to use for Cubs on Tuesday. We found a bath boat but decided instead to buy a duck. He is going to race floaty things in a creek. We thought a duck would not only be eccentric but quite floaty.

Photos of out and about.

We drove for what seemed like miles and miles to go out for dinner. We went to a breakfasty brunchy place we have been to before. Huffle and I had omelettes and they were so big we could only eat half, we had to take the other half home. Small had sausage, egg and hash browns and he was very happy to find that the sausages were fried (just like Grandad makes). Smallest had chicken and chips.

It was a sunny day, about 6*. Still cold enough to wear coats but nice. We drove home. Small and Smallest played outside with frisbees, hoops, footballs and on the swing and slide. Huffle and I sat on the sun room which was about 25*. Lovely.

The clouds were quite spectacular today.

Smallest went off to Beavers which today was held at Toad Hall where the horse auctions are. Huffle stayed with him.

Small and I repotted the peppers and Aubergines and then played frisbee and moved a bit of tree that fell off in the storm. We came in and painted the KubKar, positioned the plants and then Small built his Lego in between doing his homework.

Huffle and Smallest came home, they hadn't bought a horse, Smallest played on the swing in between helping Huffle cut down the storm broken Juniper. Huffle nearly got stuck up in the tree.

He carried all the cut bits down to the bottom of the garden. We skyped Grandma and Grandad.

Ducky............small put the tree face on the best he could

Our poor vegetable garden..........Cyril

Huffle and I played a few games of Table Tennis while the boys had their tea and watched TV, and while Small watched wrestling, Huffle, Smallest and I played with the remote control car.

The boys went to bed. I read to them while Huffle watched Stoke lose to Aston Villa - oh dear.


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Aunt Pear said...

Having a quiet cup of tea before getting HB up to take her back to Uni. Will miss her, she has worked with me 4 the last 2 weeks and been brilliant. Cousin Pest in Paris til Wed, then off to Wimbledon til Oct it's all very transitory here. Twice yearly child minding service booked for next 2 weeks whilst G&G swan off somewhere!