Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hangin' tooth

Small got up this morning with a new double tooth through without the other one coming out. It looked horrendous. The one being pushed out was just hanging there. I offered to pull it out, but in reality I wouldn't have been able to go anywhere near it. I said I would take him to the dentist but he didn't want to go. He hardly touched his breakfast and wiggled and waggled his tongue around trying to force it out. Poor thing. He went off to school anyway leaving Smallest and I home with MrCash and MrDuck who arrived at 8am.

The men sorted out a crack in the wall, fitted a transitional piece of wood between the kitchen and the living room, varnished a floor board that I had trodden on before it was dry, filled in a piece of wood with a hole and put the light up in the computer room. As an additional favour, they took apart the vacuum, cleaned it thoroughly and put it back together again. Wahooo. They also gave us a quote for painting the stairs and landing which I know Huffle will not go for, so looks like we are doing it ourselves then!

Smallest and I went to the Mall today to take back his remote control space buggy that he broke less than five minutes after opening it! The lady in the shop didn't question it at all and happily exchanged it. I mentioned to her that the buggy seemed to have a mind of its own and went off randomly whether we were controlling it or not. She said that was normal, that TV remotes, Phones etc also transmit the same signal and can cause them to go off! Ummmm interesting. We had a walk around the mall, well I did, Smallest ran around it. I promised him some new underwear for his birthday so we picked up some big boy boxer briefs. Should have been $10.95 plus tax each pack and I bought two packs. There was a 40% sale. I paid $2.10. Now I have never been great at Maths but even I know that's a bargain. Fabulous. That's just over 50c per pair. Hurrah!

This strange man followed me into the toy shop

We did a bit of grocery shopping on the way home. Once home we had lunch, packed away shopping and then went out to play. It was freezing, so we filled the bird bath up and the bird feeders ..........

and watched a woodpecker right next to us. Smallest played on the swing .............

and then we went inside to play with the new Buggy.

Smallest had a bath while I rubbed down the woodwork on the stairs ready for the next coat of varnish. I even got a bit of crocheting in. We briefly skyped Grandma and chatted about bubbles, baths and the weather.

I received a lovely card through the post today from my thoughtful friend Everett and her family. She said her hubby, LuckySorts went to the local shop (where we used to live) and saw a postcard in there that he thought we should have as a memento.

I absolutely love it. Thank you soooo much.

Small came home, tooth still partly attached - it is a mess. We tried and tried to get it out with lots of howling, crying and laughing (all of us at some point). Poor Small, he is now worried that it will fall out in the night and he will swallow it! He did his homework and played on the computer.

Huffle and I played Table Tennis. Small and Huffle made a start on the KubKar. Smallest and I played with the Bakugans and GoGos. We all watched some videos of when Smallest was a baby and Small was 3 1/2 ish. Can't believe how you forget so much. They were gorgeous.

Huffle and I finally sat down for our pot of tea poo at 8:50 and even then Small came down from bed to ask if we could have another go at getting his tooth out. We tried him biting my finger, which moved it but I wasnt allowed to move my finger. What a palaver.

We had another note from the Royals saying that they had finally got onto dry land, though it wasn't so dry. They were having a thoroughly good time and looking forward to meeting up with some relatives. They also wanted to know if our snow had gone. NO NOT YET!!! Snowed again today.



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Fingers xd for the tooth coming out today, poor Small.x