Wednesday, 17 April 2013

No Place like Home

Woodpecker in our tree, tap tap tapping.

We got up, got breakfasted and drove off to Downtown Toronto. Grandad, Huffle and Smallest in one car. Grandma, Small and I in another. Huffle was in front. In my car, we forgot my licence and had little petrol so we turned around and went back, picked up my licence and bank card and carried on back towards Toronto. The traffic was quite bad but we moved along quickly. We got into a bit of trouble once in Toronto as there was much construction and we couldn't find our way to the car park, so we phoned Huffle and he talked us there.

Once we were parked, we walked slowly up towards the Theatre, stopping for a quick snack and drink and a walk into the Mall.

Grandad says "anyone remember Harry Worth?"

The kids showed Grandma and Grandad the fountain they really like and I showed them the birds flying in the ceiling.

Ships! They are pointing at ships!

We stopped in Dundas Square and had a wander round and then went into the Theatre. It was a lovely old theatre and was very busy. We were seeing The Wizard of Oz.

See how Grandma's bag matches the shoe!

as we were walking to our seats there were a load of school kids behind. I looked at Grandma and said "hope they are not near us!" Well, they were, right in front of us and they were noisy and fidgety and downright rude (Grandma said during the intermission). I had a small person behind me who kicked my chair all the way through the performance. Towards the end, I got annoyed and turned round abruptly, his Mum said "oh we are just........" As soon as the lights came on they had disappeared!

It was a brilliant show. Everybody enjoyed it. The boys were so good and didn't fidget at all. Grandma and Grandad were pretty good too, considering!

It was a slow walk back in the part sunshine, to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Grandma and Smallest had huge bowls of Spaghetti. Huffle and Grandad had lasagne. Small had a penne Alfredo and I had tortellini in a creamy pesto sauce.

The service was hurried and almost impolite. The table was cleared too quickly (before Grandma had eaten hers). However, it as nice and the kids ate well. We had ice-cream for afters. Huffle and Grandma had pistachio which was green but not flavoured with pistachio at all (or any nut for that matter).

We walked back to our cars and Grandad decided to come with me and Small as I wasn't sure how to get back.

Hello Sailor

We were parked next to a boat and Grandad found a friend who got a bit fresh and I'm not talking about the lobster.

There was a lot of traffic and it was quite slow going. We played a game where we looked at the cars and drivers, gave them names and then pretended we were in a 'wacky race' type race! We 'raced' with 'one man and his dog', 'Scratchy beard', 'pigvan', 'still staring', 'glasses' - it was quite funny.

Once home we all had a cup of tea, Small had his medicine (he is feeling much much better and is planning on going back to school tomorrow), and the boys went to bed.

We introduced G&G to the Redneck Vacation before going to bed.



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Aunt Pear said...

Glad to see Grandmas favourite show came up to expectations. Great photos x