Saturday, 27 April 2013

Au Revoir Granmere et Grandpere

A nice easy morning started with pancakes from the kitchen of Chef Smallest and his Sous Chef Mummy. The pancakes were yummy and lots of fruit and maple syrup was also consumed.

Grandma's Pig Pancake

We watched the wildlife from the window. On the bird feeder that Grandad had now made squirrel proof, was a squirrel nosily checking out the safety features added, a chipmunk picking up the squirrels leftovers and several blue jays. grandad went out later to check the feeder. Squirrel 0 - 1 Grandad. yeeeaaahhh. huffle thinks there is more to come from the squirrel but Grandad is not so sure.

A North American Robin atop our barn and the lovely blue flower Grandad filched last Spring

Squirrel, Chipmunk and Blue Jay and after a woodpecker

Clouds in our garden and Grandad relaxing in the sunshine

A bug on our window with cricketers outside and more clouds

The boys had a battle with their Gogo cards then Small had a shower and Smallest a bath. Meanwhile Huffle, Grandma and Grandad went out to two garden centres and bought me back some lovely plants. There was a bit of cricket in the garden, a quick tea and biscuit stop and then we got Smallest ready for his party. Today it was a cooking party for one of Smallest's classmates.

I've grown a Smallest!

We took two cars and drove to the party which was at the top of a supermarket, left Sallest there. he was the only boy in a room full of girls with pretty dresses and shiny hair. then his pal turned up and he was happy. we left Huffle's car there and all drove to town in my car. We had dinner at a lovely restaurant (3rd time this holiday, well two for Grandma because she stayed home with Small the first time), and then ice cream at the new Gelataria. Granmda and Huffle had Strawberry Sorbetto, Grandad had Mango and Small and I had Caramelatte. We poddled around for a bit and Huffle tried to buy a pew on someone's porch. We thought there was a yard sale but it may have been yesterday. We had a sneak at a pub we haven't been to before and marked it as a thing to try soon.

Where we had lunch, we passed this house with a garage and I noticed the name Hall on one side. When I looked at the other side it said Marg. Marg Hall is Grandma's name. BIZARRE!

We drove back to the party. Huffle and Grandad visited the Tire. I went into the supermarket and we picked up some tee-shirts in the sale. Smallest came out of his party with a cake he had decorated and a chefs hat with his name spelt wrong on it, he said he had spelt it to them but they obviously couldn't understand his lovely accent.

We came home. Huffle and I played football with the kids while Grandma and Grandad finished their packing.

Small bowling at Huffle

Smallest fielding, Huffle and Smallest playing football and an injured Small

Lots of hugs and then Huffle took them to the airport. Their plane was delayed by 40 minutes. Smallest couldn't understand why Grandma was sad and I explained that she missed him. He said but she's only just gone. I said that she missed him and Small everyday when she wasn't here. He said but it's only eight hours and then we can see them on Skype. I told him it was hard when you couldn't get a cuddle and a kiss whenever you wanted to and I think he understood a bit more.

Grandad has left me some things to get on with and I hope to make a start on them next week. it has been a lovely visit but has gone by very quickly. we have aleady Thought of some things to do when they come in the Autumn/Fall.

The weather has been so nice and warm today, absolutely beautiful. I sat outside and blogged while the kids played in the computer. They had their tea. Huffle rang to say there was a lot of congestion on the Highway to the airport but it seemed to clear pretty quickly.

On the way to bed, Smallest stubbed his little toe really badly and then Small fetched an ice pack to soothe it but threw it at him which hurt his eye. Poor Smallest is very tired, he has had a long day and is now very sad and grumpy.


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