Monday, 8 April 2013


Through the night Huffle sneezed, blew his nose, coughed, got up, came back, sniffed, snored. Poor Huffle he was poorly. He didn't go to work - which must mean he's bad!

Smallest spent a good hour with Moo on skype this morning, he took her in the tent like he did with Grandma and Grandad yesterday - it must be the new thing!

Small went off to school, also coughing but he says he feels fine. Smallest should have come shopping with me today but he decided to play on the computer and look after his Daddy. (I think he really just didn't want to come shopping). So once I had established that Huffle would be okay and that Smallest would actually look after him, I went off on my own. There have been some requests from a couple of people back in the UK that I show various places I go to, like shops etc. so today as I was driving past, I snapped a couple of photos.

I apologise if you have already seen these on FB

The Hamlet's Beer Store, really this is a hardware shop that also has a small LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) in it. Alcohol cannot be sold in supermarkets here, only in LCBO's and official wine shops. It actually means we buy less (I mean Huffle and I, not the whole of Canada). I used to pick up the odd bottle of wine whilst weekly shopping or a few cans of beer, but because you can't do that here, we don't buy it so much. We have to make a special trip to the Beer Store, (though we can actually walk to it as it IS just down the road) which tends to only happen when Grandad, Moo, or Aunty A are here. No Frills is just a cheap supermarket, not quite a Lidl or Aldi, more like an Asda (Walmarts is Asda's equivalent but I am not keen, though do still shop there sometimes). The other picture there is our Corner shop. We don't shop there as it is expensive but it's good for an ice cream on a hot day when we are passing or if we NEED anything desperately.

So I went to the supermarket and picked up my groceries, then off to Walmart for some paintbrushes and I picked up some windowsill greenhouses. Obviously I left my lovely greenhouse behind when we came here. It's too cold and we would have to heat it anyway. So, the Windowsill Greenhouses fit just nicely on the windowsill, have little peat plugs which you water and they grow, then you put your seed in. They even have a little plastic roof. I planted Rosemary and Huffle planted Borlotti Beans and Smallest planted Runner Beans. It is nice to be planting again. I miss my greenhouse. I used to stand in there with the radio on pottering about.

I got back just in time for lunch. Huffle and Smallest were playing Dino Top Trumps. Huffle was still feeling bad. He had a nice warming soup with crusty bread and Smallest and I had sandwiches. We all sat in front of Despicable Me (or Aspicamul Me as Smallest calls it). Huffle ended up going back to bed, so Smallest and I got his bike out and went up and down the road. His bottom hurt so we got the scooters out and scooted a long way.

I used Small's scooter and nearly fell off a few times. We passed a frozen pond and a little stream where smallest thought a Beaver had made a dam! We scooted back and then filled the bird feeders up before playing on the swing,.......

..............Playing catch and football........

........having a nice long wander through the back garden into the wooded area at the back. We looked for sticks......


Practiced writing and looked at the trees (well that might have just been me!).

We came in and made Huffle a cup of tea and then we played on the Wii until Small came home and joined us before starting his homework, which got interrupted by his friend Al ringing to see if he wanted to play. I took him to Al's house and started painting the dado rail in the hall whilst getting dinner ready. Huffle and Smallest played Mancala.

Today I made Leek and Cheese Sausages (veggie ones) - they were lovely. The rest had normal sausages and we had mash potatoes and asparagus and carrots - strange combination but it worked. I'm trying to get plenty of vitamins into everyone.

Small came home and Al's dad said he had had dinner, chicken! Chicken? Small doesn't eat chicken! His dad said he ate a whole leg! A Leg? A chicken leg? What? Small hid behind the door and stuck his tongue out. After they had gone he said it was horrible and he only ate it to be polite. I said "next time you go they'll say, oh Small he likes chicken!!! Let's have chicken for dinner - ha!" Small had his sausages too!

All the boys sat and watched TV - there was no Beavers tonight as they went on Saturday, Smallest was disappointed but it is back on next week.

Happy birthday Mrs Rumbleskins. Your time and our time make your birthday probably yesterday but as far as the bog is concerned it is today. X


Aunt Pear said...

Get wll soon Huffle.x

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

I'm glad the bog thinks it's my birthday today. Tee hee, it is slang for toilet here, is it in the UK? Thanks for the birthday wishes. We had a stunning 26 degree day with lots of sunshine and blue skies. Not bad for autumn!