Monday, 22 April 2013

There's no boid in Cube

Crazy Eights, the card game was played last night. I won. Wahooo.

Huffle went off to work this morning and Small went to school, laces tucked in his trainers - lazy lurkio - Grandad spied him and caught him walking past the windows. When questioned he just shrugged and said "I was just........"

Breakfast done, Moo skyped with a lengthy problem I couldn't solve regarding her email. I felt awful that I couldn't sort it.

Off we went, armed with a picnic, rugs, chairs and a scooter, to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and Grandad and Smallest decided they would not need a fleece.

A lovely seed head (I like these, can you tell?) and a tree


Well they should have listened to me because they were freezing! The wind whipped over the lake ferociously. The waves were big and there was no sheltered spot.

LEFT: A North American Robin

Smallest swinging

A Tree

RIGHT: Grandad pretending the cold isn't getting him


We briefly went onto the beach but it was too cold. Smallest scooted over to the park and had a swing and a bounce. Me and Grandad had a quick go but Grandad was too boisterous and tried to bounce me off!

Swinging and Bouncing


We got in the car and drove to the other park to see if the ice cream shop was open and to see if it was more sheltered. The answer to both was no! We decided to drive to the Mall because Grandma wanted to get Smallest something for his birthday. We picked up his present which he was very happy about and then we went and had something to eat. Grandma and I had a Pita and Grandad and Smallest had a burger.

We drove to another shop to buy presents for home ..................

LEFT: a new look for Grandad to meet his old friend Quiche (he's a man by the way!)

RIGHT: Boy bites Smallest. Dog licks Smallest

We were bored waiting for Grandma to purchase her items

Spot the odd one out (p.s. it's the one not wearing Old Navy)


....and then stopped at the ice cream place.

Next we came home. Grandad wanted some cash and I stupidly suggested he went on Huffle's bike. Silly me.

Off he went on the bike and Smallest scooted behind. The bank was shut but Grandad actually looked safer on the bike than he did on his feet! Once back, Grandad went straight to the fence and started painting it - oh well, we kept him away for five hours. Grandma and I sat on the porch with our tea waiting for Small to come home, the the kids played in the garden.

Small did his homework, I made dinner and Smallest played with his new Go-Go's. Huffle came home, and we had dinner then he played football with Small while Smallest got ready for Beavers. Tonight they went on a hike where snakes have been seen! He didn't see any but they did find a deer skull. He has been invited to join a Beaveree on May. Just a day thing but he is very excited.

While Smallest was hiking, the rest of us played cards. The boys went to bed when Smallest got back and we carried on playing cards. I normally predict who will win. Let's say I did!!!



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Happy St George's Day from sunny England. 6.53 not a cloud in the sky.