Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dollarama Dad Date

Small was grumpy this morning, late night, not enough sleep, tired legs and aching feet! Poor Small. His medicine is nearly finished so let's hope we have finished with poorly throats for a while. Huffle's medicine is also nearly finished, he went off to work. Smallest was at home today with Grandma, Grandad and me. It rained all day. Well that meant Grandad couldn't do the fence (his words, though why all of a sudden rain was stopping him, we didn't know?). Instead he spent his day in the barn making insect houses (after our talk at the Garden Club last week). We had to go out mid afternoon for more supplies. I will show photos when complete. Whilst we were our getting supplies, he chatted up the Dollarama Dolly. She said she would like to go shopping with him and he said "Right, It's a date". shhhhhhh don't tell Grandma! However he did buy her some lovely flowers whilst he was in Dollarama and delivered them via the front door.

Lucky Lady

Grandma called me a Roughneck today and then said "Oh No I meant a Redneck!" Which is worse? As it rained we decided not to go out (apart from our quick trip to Dollarama). Smallest did a jigsaw and Grandma and I helped a little.

Smallest and I planted peas in the vegetable bed and put our little pea marker in and he made a bug house for bugs to climb up the big tree. He did a lovely job. We had a very quick game of cricket but it was too wet.

The bugs can climb up the big stick and make their way up the tree and along the sticks till they get to where they want to go. Simple!

I took this photo while at the bottom of the garden as the Geese flew overhead.

We popped to the Beer Store to see if they had any more canes. They didn't. Grandad went on Huffle's bike, Smallest scooted and I walked. Excellent photo opportunities again.

Look at them go!

Smallest had a bath while Grandad hid in the barn again. Aunt Pear, Cousin E and Cousin D skyped and Cousin E read out her homework. It was very good.

Grandma made pies for dinner and taught Smallest how to play patience. Small came home, did some homework and had a bath and soaked his aching limbs.

Huffle came home and we all had dinner. It was lovely. The boys disappeared until bedtime (we think they had found Grandad's Wine Gum stash! Grandma and I watched The Great British Sewing Bee final though I knew who won (I found out yesterday by looking at Instagram - how annoying) and Grandma thought she knew.

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