Sunday, 14 April 2013

You could make a pie out of that!

We had a nice easy morning. Breakfast (consisting of Magic Porridge Pot, though the rest of the Hamlet was turned away as Grandma had made JUST ENOUGH), ballooning and seeding. The sun room was a lovely warm temperature and outside was about 9*. We knew the wind would be westerly but thought we would venture to the beach and park for a walk and play.

A quick rest on a rock before our walk.....

The boys scooted while we walked leisurely. Across the bridge.

A signature Grandma and Grandad moment

Although the sun was out, it was still quite cold so hats and gloves and scarves were still needed.

A senior moment - Grandad's Zimmer Frame

Careful on the rock Smallest!

We walked onto the beach on the way back and found a more sheltered spot to watch the lake (or was it the Sea Grandma?).

ALL the boys collected some stones and skimmed. Sticks were picked up and the boys did what boys do with sticks.

I tried to take a photo of a lovely willow but that silly Grandad got in the way!

We finally got back to the park and the boys insisted that Grandad push them on the swings. Grandma and Huffle sat and chatted on a rock whilst watching the kids play. I went and photographed.

Higher Grandad, push us over the top!
That naughty Grandad stole Small's scooter.

Mid afternoon and we were hungry so we drove to our favourite family restaurant where portions are so huge they can last you two days!

Grandad's Hot Chopped Steak and Salad......Huffle's Omelette and Small's Sausage and Egg

Mine and Grandma's mushroom omelette........Smallest's chicken fingers and fries.

Two boxes of left over food was brought home for tomorrow's tea. Grandma tried a pot of tea and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was (until we asked for it to be filled with water again and the tea bag had lost all its tea-ness!)

We drove home and walked around the garden getting ideas from Grandad on future planning projects for the garden. we came in and played Pictionary, looked at today's photos and watched TV while Grandad had a bath.



AA said...

I read that last part too quickly and wondered why you were watching Grandad have a bath!!

Aunt Pear said...

So pleased we have the traditional G&G 'embrace', all is well.