Sunday, 7 April 2013

The one where we all grew a moustache!

Small went off racing his KubKar and came back with a trophy for 3rd place for design, which means he has to compete again next Saturday. He had a good time. His car didn't race well though because the leaders should have put WD40 on the wheels and they randomly put it on the cubs cars but not on his!

Small and his KubKar.....His Trophy.....and the pile of goodies

Smallest trying to get his high bullets from MY CLEAN WINDOWS

Smallest had a bath and then played on the computer while Huffle and I steelwoolled, varnished, sanded, painted and vacuumed. The stairs (apart from the actual stairs themselves which still need staining) are all done.

Small came home, we had lunch and then Small went off to his friend Cog's house to play. Smallest and I made Chocolate Moustache Cookies using the cutters that Aunty A bought for Smallest's birthday. (Huffle helped).

Trying the cutters on for size

We went outside and played hide and seek and Piggy in the middle football. Smallest also got his bike out. He has lost all confidence on it and needs to get lots of practice in.


Smallest had a new tent/den built and then skyped Grandma and Grandad in there. We picked up Small and ate dinner in front of Gnomeo and Juliet, we ate some moustaches.

Ummm very nice.

Huffle is feeling poorly, full of cold. Small doesn't stop sniffing and blowing his nose. Small seems okay but got very warm later today and had red cheeks. I'm okay and my aches are going.


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