Friday, 28 June 2013

A slightly damp day

Day one of the Boys Summer Holidays. A grey start which got considerably wetter as the day went on. Possibly a few rumbles early on culminating in us being stuck in a Chinese Mall (very scary) whilst cars were aquaplaning and people were wading up to their knees. The only reason we were in the Chinese Mall was because Smallest needed new passport photos and Huffle sent us there. It rained heavily as we got there and I sent Moo and Smallest with an umbrella while Small and I ran behind. We wandered around the Mall looking for the photo man, passing noodles, Chinese delicacies and what Small called Dead Rats (they were goose I think but I know what he meant). Moo found a new friend in a lady that insisted on talking to her (we don't know about what!). Smallest complained because the smell was making him feel sick and although we were all hungry, no-one wanted to eat there. Photos were done, printed and paid for and we went out to be greeted by such heavy rainfall in a car park that clearly had no drainage. We bumped into MasterM (from Taekwondo) and we chatted to him whilst making a plan of how we were going to get to our car. We ended up taking off our shoes and paddling. Moo and the boys chose a better way than I, as I ended up wading to half way up my calves and stepping on things I couldn't see. Possibly the rats they were cooking inside!!!!! Smallest said he never ever wanted to go there again.

Next stop was a bigger Mall where we ran inside but were so wet we had to buy the boys a whole new outfit each.

Moo and I made do though she did buy us some tops to wear on Canada Day this Monday. We had some food once we had dried a bit. Then we went in search of ice-creams to take home. We drove home.

We had been in Lids (hat shop) and came out. Smallest stayed behind and decided to be a shop dummy. He is a Wally.

The boys played in their rooms, wrote in their journals and blogged. Moo and I did some more jigsaw, played games with the boys. At one point we had junior scrabble and normal scrabble going at the same time - it got a little confusing.

Huffle had not had a great day at work so came home a little bit early and helped us with the jigsaw. Tonight we have had a few games of Table Tennis and are sitting down with a bottle of wine and a game of cards. Am sure I will win!

A photo I missed yesterday of cricketing Moo. Good job!

A photo from Aunty A at Glastonbury. Hoping to see more. Moo and I were listening to Glastonbury on the Radio this morning. Love it.


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