Saturday, 29 June 2013

Strawberry Festival MkII

The Naked Chef made our breakfast this morning

It is Canada Day long weekend and to mark the beginning of the weekend, our local town has a Strawberry Festival. We went to this last year and all I remember was that is was very hot and there weren't many strawberries so I personally wasn't expecting a great deal.

There were many many people and a lot of them wearing red. To represent the strawberries or to commemorate Canada Day? The Main Street was blocked off and there were stalls lined the roads both sides. We had a lot of freebies given to us like toothbrushes, lollipops, freezies (ice poles), sweets, balloons, USB charger, ice cream and strawberry iced tea. Moo and I deliberately meandered along the stalls looking and occasionally buying whilst the boys walked ahead, stopping every now and then to let us catch them up. Huffle wore a bored and grumpy face for most of the day but thought he had 'done well' considering he was in a crowded place with lots of stalls. We just thought he was grumpy but still we had a good time.

The boys got to do some crafting, making strawberry fans, they made ice-cream, played a new game with the inventors, won a ruler, pencils (that I thought the lady said were made from recyclable Blue Jays but she really said blue jeans, phew!), a bag.

They got an hours free swimming at the leisure centre with a water slide that they loved. They went on a ride on the fair and looked very pale and we thought they might be sick but said "what can we go on now" as soon as they got off!

We had tea and biscuits in the cafe, ate freshly BBQ'd Sweetcorn, and finished with a lovely Ice-cream. We bought two great ornaments for the garden, Smallest got his birthday hat from Moo (a blue jays one), some jigsaw puzzles for Moo. Huffle and I sneaked to the Thrifty Store and bought a lovely bracelet for me and a shirt for Huffle and a shhhhhhh for Moo.

Moo and Smallest waiting

We spent all day there and found a cricket club that we can take the boys to during the Summer. They were originally a bit vague but when they saw the boys play, they said they definitely have good potential and to bring them along. Funnily enough, Huffle perked up as soon as he saw the Cricketers.

We came home, laden with bags and then went straight out again for dinner as we didn't have much in. We ended up in an Italian. Lovely.

While we were out and looking for a wine shop, we came across a Vintage Car Rally. We all had a look. Some of them were amazing. The engines were so clean and shiny.

We came home. Small's tooth has nearly fallen out and we had a right palaver with it. He said to me while I was helping him to clean it (because it hurt too much for him to do it) "if you knock it out I will be both angry and happy". Silly Billy. It wasn't quite ready to come out, maybe tomorrow.

Our new duck and snail in place among our lovely plants.


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Aunt Pear said...

Good photos, esp The Naked Chef, can u email it, ta. how good to have found a cricket club, is it just for boys or could big boys play?