Saturday, 15 June 2013

Who will wear the pink nail varnish

I had a lovely lie-in and was awoken by the sound of small children screeching and Huffle shouting at them to be quiet. Everyone was up before me. We had a leisurely breakfast, the boys tidied their rooms and then we went out for a day on the beach.

It was hot and we had two small umbrellas (one of which we lost between the car and the beach) one huge SportBrella (tent parasol), boules (though we call it jackers), Frisby, reading books, three chairs, two blankets and a picnic box filled with lovely things to eat.

We got to the empty beach and set up camp. There were a few dog walkers but no-one else. Where does everyone go? The sun was out, there was a slight breeze off the lake and the sound of the water was very relaxing. Moo and I got to read and sun the backs of our legs. The boys built a castle thing. All the boys skimmed stones. We all played Jackers.

The boys paddled in the water but ended up swimming in it. It was very cold, I don't know how they did it!

We had our picnic lunch and relaxed some more. The boys had a fabulous time and didn't argue once. They played together really nicely.

Huffle and I and the boys went off to the park across the road and left Moo with her book on the beach. We all went on the swings and then the boys made me go on the bouncy whale ride and tried to bump me off - naughty boys!

While we were on the beach we watched a rescue helicopter circling a boat and get someone out of the water. There was lots of drama and lots of people watching (the beach had suddenly got much busier) but we soon realised they were only practising. It was interesting to watch. There were quite a few boats on the lake today. No-one else was swimming.

We stayed there till just after 5pm and then packed up and drove to the Fish and Chip shop where we sat in and ate a lovely dinner. Moo tucked into her fish (her second one this year - good girl Moo).

We came home, emptied the bags, showered the boys and then the boys, Moo and I practiced our routine for tomorrow's Father's Day Extravaganza (Huffle might read this so I can't say......) while Huffle had a dip in the pool.

Moo went through our goodie box and sorted out what we needed to eat sooner rather than later. Huffle made scones. Moo made a trifle and I made Angel Delight Ice Cream. Wow - I told the boys we were just having a big tea party all day tomorrow. They were very happy with that. We were supposed to have a BBQ but the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain and storms. We are having an 'ad lib' day. See what happens!

Moo and I played a game of Table Tennis - it was a very close game.

We are having a cup of tea with a scone now. See ya x


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