Saturday, 8 June 2013

Moo squashed a Chipmunk

Smallest came running in this morning and jumped on us in bed. We wrestled and hugged and fought and finally escaped him. He went off to watch TV. He asked if he could wake up Moo but we said "not yet!". We were all up fairly early really for a Saturday morning. Otto had woken us getting his stuff ready for the Hamlet's Annual Garage Sale. We had breakfast, got ready and were out just after 9am. We started with Otto's house and Smallest picked up two soldiers from a tin of many soldiers and was given them for free. He didn't have much else for us. We walked to the Royal's house where Prince was selling antiques and collectables. I had my eye on an oak table but it was $150 and from a refractory (a nunnery). I only wanted it for my sewing machine so it was too much for that. ClownRose's house was next where her Mum had set up a table. A few books, shoes and some chocolate. Everyone was driving to each house and we were the only ones walking (Smallest was scooting).

A quick stop in the park

We got further into the Hamlet and wandered around chatting to a few people. We bought a puzzle for Smallest, some books and a golf bag and driver for Small, a softball bat and a plant and that was about it. It was a bit disappointing but maybe we didn't need as much as we did last year. We did, however, meet a lot of lovely people, mainly English but we had a good chat with a lot of them. Our feet and legs were aching and we were hungry so we walked home, partly with the JacksonFive family.

We drove to a nearby town and had a lovely dinner at one of our favourite places. Moo had a Caprese Ravioli, I had a Leek and Goats Cheese Tart, Huffle had Hot Beef Panini and Smallest had a Burger. Once we had finished, we walked to a Thrifty store where I bought a hat that made me look like a lampshade (Huffle and Smallest's words!). We popped to the Gelateria. Moo and I had CaramelLatte, Smallest had Mint Choc and Huffle had Chocolate Cheesecake. All very good. We sat outside in the partial sunshine.

Once home we sorted out the pool. It was clear and see-through and sparkling and blue and lovely but only 16*. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We vacuumed, back washed, rinsed, added chemicals and then sat on the deck as the sun came out. It was in and out for the rest of the afternoon. When it was out it was very powerful but when it went in it was quite cool. Huffle decided to start painting the deck with some very smelly paint. I took out my knitting and started to make another sock.

Smallest netted, played inside, sat and did crosswords with Moo, helped Huffle, sat with Moo, played inside and then finally went inside to watch TV. Huffle frightened a chipmunk and Moo nearly trod on him. I came in away from the paint fumes and knitted in the loft, where Smallest came and joined me. Eventually everyone found me and came and joined me.

What a lucky person I am

Smallest went to bed and we had our tea. Huffle played with the computer for a while, Moo played cards and I blogged.

The squirrels and chipmunks have been eating the bird seed again. At first we cleared them away by just opening the door. When that didn't work, we clapped our hands. Then made a scchhtttttthhhhcccch noise. Yesterday we brushed the patio and the noise made them flee. Now none of that is working and most of the seed is gone. Bloomin' things!!




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