Monday, 24 June 2013

Lots of rumbles

The aircon made sleeping much easier. It was lovely, although Moo was in the loft with no air conditioning. We opened the windows up there and put the fan on as she didn't want to leave her lovely room. It must have been like a sauna all with all that hot wood!

Huffle and Small went off to work/school. Smallest played on the computer while Moo and I had showers and got ready for shopping. We needed food, birthday cards, stamps and lunch boxes. We found everything except for the ice cream we promised Smallest (it was very hot again but the shop was closed). We came home, put the shopping away, had lunch, skyped LizzieDotDot and then went up to the pool. Smallest jumped in and Moo and I carried on our Scrabble game from lunchtime.

There were a few rumbles of thunder, then more and then the clouds started getting greyer, so we abandoned the pool, after our ice creams, and came inside. Smallest played in his room, Moo and I continued Scrabble. After about half an hour we stood outside and listened - no rumbles. So we moved back up to the pool.

Scrabble board went up, towels, hats, suncream etc. We weren't there more than ten minutes and the rumbles started again and the clouds turned grey and threatening. We let Smallest swim for a small amount of time and then we all went in again. Once more we stood outside, listened, took everything back up and once again we had to move because of the rumbles and clouds. Moo knocked the scrabble tiles over and we temporarily lost five tiles under the deck of the pool. Moo managed to retrieve them all after a while and also as a bonus found my missing blue bracelet. Hurrah!

Smallest came home. We did all go out again.

It was very strange. All the clouds had disappeared but it was still very humid. We stayed up by the pool till dinner time. I went in and made dinner. The boys had a fight. They were both grumpy. Huffle came home and we all had dinner. The boys had showers while Huffle and I went for a swim then Moo and I sat in the sunshine (no longer humid but still very hot at 7:30pm) while Huffle watered the wilting plants.

We played table tennis, then cards.

Get well soon Grandma with your properly broken ankle - how did the hospital get it sooo wrong? Thanks to Aunt Pear for letting us know.


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Aunt Pear said...

We're off to Royal Infirmary at 9 this morning for paster, should be a fun day ! It's 8am and we actually have blue sky and sun. Wahoo.