Monday, 3 June 2013

Fal de ree, Fal de raa.

Huffle went off to play golf at 7:20am is morning, wearing long trousers and a fleece. It was only about 9*. It did get much warmer though as the day went on, reaching mid 20's later. Small went off to school wearing shorts but with his sun hat and a raincoat - just in case. Smallest and I stayed home, Moo skyped us .....................................

.......................... and then we went shopping (but came home because I forgot my bag and purse) and went off shopping again. We took back the things that were no good from Saturday and bought some food, including some tomatoes for Moo (no-one in this house likes them).

It was late lunchtime when we got home and Huffle arrived back at the same time. He had had a great game on a lovely course with lunch included. While Smallest and I had lunch, Huffle put the shopping away and then we went outside to play basketball.

It was very hot work and Smallest decided he wanted to go in the pool. In the almost clear pool. The best colour it has EVER been. He had a swim and a play while Huffle and I watched on. He said the water was cold and came out and we listened to Huffle read James and the Giant Peach and played a game of Dinosaur Top Trumps.

Small came home and we all had ice lollies or ice-cream.........

.....................and then Small went in the pool but not for very long. He said it was too cold.

We had dinner, sorted out Small's rucksack for Cub camp at the weekend and took him off to Cubs. Tonight he was at a different Hamlet's Cub's as the two were joining together for the camp.

The rucksack was as big as he was but he needs to get in there:- blanket, sleeping bag, camp mat, clothes, book, torch etc.

Some lovely blooming things from our garden. Gorgeous standard lilac, Nelly Moser has a second flower, a poppy just coming into bloom and a small pot of pansies.

And I will finish with a shot of the clouds on the way home from dropping Small off.


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