Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lobster debut

Huffle went to work, I went off to work (to be driven to Downtown Toronto), Small went off to school and Smallest was left at home looking after Moo. They puzzled, played outside, went in the pool, played Hungry Frogs, scooted, badminton, football (Smallest gave Moo lessons again - she is not getting better!).

I started my day at the Nursery meeting a photographer from the same Hamlet we live in. She was with us for the day to take photos and write details for someone else to write a story. We drove into Toronto, hit a traffic jam and finally got to the Royal York. We left the car with a valet, met a chef who helped us carry up a large Bay Tree, an Hibiscus and a tray of young tomato plants and marigolds.

It was a gorgeous day and we had the help of the Executive Sous Chef and a Training Chef. The photographer ran in front of us and took photos of us climbing the stairs carrying plants. The beds I had started last time I was there were growing beautifully. Everything looked really healthy.

The training chef cut lots of salad leaves for the kitchen and the Exec Sous Chef weeded, though it was his day off. I planted a load of tomatoes and arugula and weeded and picked the arugula beds.

I dead headed the pansies and picked some for the kitchen too (they use them for garnishes). MrsM and I planted seeds of more arugula and zucchini. It looked a picture. We worked hard until about 12:30 and then went for dinner in the Epic Bar. The waitress was lovely and explained everything on the specials and lunch menu. Because we had been working on the rooftop garden and the chef we were with was working in this restaurant too, he made us a special appetiser using the salad leaves he had picked earlier. It was a fat shrimp with lettuce, shredded fennel, pear and apple and arugula flowers. It was the first time I have had a shrimp and it was lovely. We also had a big glass of red wine. Next we all ordered Lobster Risotto. Again I have never had Lobster before but the waitress said, try it, if you don't like it, we'll send it back and you can choose something else.

It was amazing. It was not like it would have been for anyone else, we had extras (Bok Choi which we had grown and garnishes from the rooftop garden). I loved it.

We finished with coffee, macaroon and biscotti and finally left for the trip home. The car was warm and after my dinner and wine I felt really sleepy.

The photographer was a big chatter so her and MrsM did most of the talking and I chipped in occasionally. Once we got back to the Nursery MrsM picked some lettuces for us to take home. She also invited Moo and I to her garden, on Friday, for coffee to celebrate Canada's First National Garden Day. Her Grandson is making Lavendar Cake. Yum yum.

When I got home, Moo and the boys were by the pool. Small had just got home and ran off to get his shorts on to jump in the pool. Smallest had already been in. The boys played together for a while and then a big cloud came over and we went inside to make dinner.

The boys had showers. Huffle came home and we all ate dinner.

I have a raging headache. Too much rooftop sun followed by a large glass of wine? Or a storm brewing?

I found out today that the airport they are building next to our Hamlet is going to be double the size of Pearson! Damn, that's not good!

Two poppies from our garden and a view looking up the barn to the clouds above.




Aunt Pear said...

Sounded a good day until news about the airport. Ru likely to be on the flight path?

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day, but lobster and shrimp don't sound very vegetarian like to me!! Is the airport really going to be that big?!! That's a bummer, let's hope they've got that bit wrong.


famfa said...

It's very close and very big

famfa said...

I think I am now a pescatorian. Non meat eater but fish yum yum. The airport will be huge and very close. Hoping it gets shelved again x