Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Fathers Trifle Day


It rained all night and it rained all morning. We were all up by about 8am. I started on the pancakes and the rest of the household prepared the fruit, condiments and the table.

Small's pale faced pancake

Smallest's Happy Faced Pancake

We had a good breakfast, cleared away and then Huffle's Light, Sound and Audio Extravaganza began. We closed the blinds, we turned off the lights, we placed a whoopie cushion on his chair. We asked him to sit down and the cushion didn't work so we asked him to sit down again - still didn't work. I went in and waved a light thing around whilst 'it's a kind of magic' played in the background. Small did some coin magic, then Moo astounded him with a ring on a spring trick.

Smallest did his special big box into a small box and we each produced a present or a card. It was very 'ad lib' but he seemed to be quite entertained. Moo bumped her leg on the table in the dark, we had to change the music to 'just an illusion'. Huffle received a lovely picture that Smallest made at school.......

......and a pet rock he had made. Small made a card with a poem in it. We got him some shorts (which he bought a while back) a book on BBQ grilling and some Straciatella chocolates.

We played a game of 'Newmarket' and then started Disney Monopoly. We stopped at lunchtime and Moo and I made Pizza while the boys got the poolside ready. The rain had stopped, the sun had come out and the pool was a pleasant 21*. We ate our pizza (and a cheeky wine - we raised a glass to FATHERS) and the the boys jumped in the pool. Moo and I got to read and then Huffle went in too.

There were a few water battles, including one where Moo was out of the pool and we were all in. We were all trying to get her as wet as possible and we succeeded. Smallest almost pushed her in at one point. We had a good laugh. Small played on his DS in between doing some homework. This week it is 'choose five things that would tell someone information about us if they turned up in 1,000 years time'.

Lots of playing, lots of relaxing. The grown ups had scones and a pot of tea and the boys had jelly and angel delight ice cream. Smallest got sleepy and nearly fell asleep on the ring in the pool, so we set up a ring out of the pool and covered him with a towel and he almost (I think he did) fall asleep.

We had a few chuck-ins and lots of diving and jumping in.

While I was in, Smallest gave me swimming lessons. I passed my level one but failed level two because I couldn't put my head under! The boys had a sandwich and then we came in when they had showers. We all had trifle and finished our monopoly game. In the end it was between Huffle and Small as the rest of us were bankrupt.

Huffle won. Well we let him because it WAS Fathers Day and we didn't want him to be sad.

We played table tennis. Moo beat me one game. Huffle beat me. Huffle and I beat Moo.

The boys watched the TV before bed. Huffle got his stuff together as he is going away for few days tomorrow to Niagara on the Lake for a conference. He is not happy about it, though the first night he is at a wine tasting - PAH - and they call it work!

After reding through this post, it sounds like we have done nothing but eat today, but I promise we have done other stuff too!

Happy Fathers Day Grandad x



Anonymous said...

Happy belated father's day to Huffle! Hope he enjoys NOLT, it's so beautiful, fantastic place!


famfa said...

He says he won't enjoy it because its work - I tried to get an invite. I love niagara on the lake too and moo hasn't been x