Tuesday, 18 June 2013

"Follow the yellow brick road"

Last night whilst I was at the Garden Club learning about 'Erbs (why do they insist on missing off the 'h'?) Small wasnt feeling so good. He felt sick and was nearly sick but luckily Moo was there to lend him support and sympathy. It turned out he had eaten too much at dinner and after a good old fashioned burp, he was fine and fell asleep.

Huffle wasn't there to wake me or Small, which meant Small didn't get up, so Smallest didn't get up and then no-one got me up. We were a little late and there was a big rush this morning. I got the kids breakfast, made their lunches and then Moo and I had breakfast and jigsawed. When Moo first got up it was a mere 14* outside. An hour later and it was really warm so we made a quick picnic, got ready and drove to Lake Ontario.

We started walking along the path next to the lake.

It was hot but slightly breezy. The birds were chirping and we saw lots of robins and red winged blackbirds. The water was calmer than on Saturday. We saw Canada Geese, Swans and seagulls on the lake. We clambered down to the Beach and had a cup of coffee and half a muffin.

It was lovely and relaxing, then we started walking again and walked along the trail to the beach where we were on Saturday. We carried on though and almost walked to the beach where the boys like to play on the park.

We had walked briskly for nearly two hours. We decided not to carry on but turn around and stop for lunch on the beach. We sat on the sand in the sunshine and only moved because a tractor was smoothing the sand!

Stupid tractor driver didn't even acknowledge us and he was causing a sandstorm right next to us. We started walking again and only stopped once we reached a bench high up and quite close to the car. We checked the map and worked out we had walked for 10km - WOW, my feet hurt and my hip hurt and I burnt a little bit of my arm.

There was a house for sale that looked like a pixelated toadstool. Not very pretty at all. We checked out how much it was, peered through the windows and decided it wasn't worth it. Nice view of the lake though.

We started to drive home but stopped at a supermarket on the way and picked up provisions. We managed to get home with minutes to spare before the bus came. Smallest went straight on the swing and Small went almost straight into the pool. Smallest joined him and Moo sat with them.

I made dinner. Moo and I had Leek and Cheese sausages and the boys had meat ones. We ate outside because it was so nice.

I helped Small with his homework and then drove him to Cubs. We didn't have the greatest of directions and had to turn round twice but we got there in the end. He is learning how to make a fire.

We came home and Smallest played on his scooter on the drive doing tricks while Moo and I sat on the porch.

Smallest went to bed, Moo did the jigsaw and I picked up Small. Once the boys were both in bed Moo and I played Table Tennis and I beat her fifteen games to none. Ha!

Huffle sent me a message to say he hadn't stopped since 7am and they were now at a winery. He didn't seem too happy. He didn't sleep last night as his hotel room was too hot, so hopefully he will be too tired to notice tonight. He will be home tomorrow.

This was a lovely wild flower growing along the lakeside with an out of focus (intentional) Moo in the background



Aunt Pear said...

Where is Huffe? Glad to see Small carrying on the family tradition of fire making, good lad. Weather, other than the storm, looks good, ours is all over the place, no long period of sun yet, fingers xd for July.

AA said...

Same question from me. I don't think you mentioned that Huffle was going off somewhere. Have you and Moo been having wild parties with the house to yourselves??