Monday, 17 June 2013

Does your husband like to hunt?

As I was bringing the washing off the line yesterday, I noticed this cloud with a silver lining. Huffle said it looked a nasty one. I said no way!!!!!

Just before we went to bed last night, the storm started. Sheet lightning that lit up the whole sky. Smallish rumblings of thunder. Moo and I watched the lightning.

This was the best photo I could get of the lightning. My camera wasn't quick enough to get it properly.

Huffle started lighting candles and moving himself into the basement. Then the rain came, heavy and all the windows were shut. There was a weather warning saying that we were due a severe storm. Severe means either hailstones 2-3cm, gusts of 90kmph winds or flooding rain. It even said that severe storms could cause tornados. That's when I knew I had lost Huffle for the night. Moo was fine upstairs in the loft but I did tell her I would let her know if it got any worse. Smallest slept through the whole lot but Small panicked and got up. I sent him down to the basement to be with his Daddy where they had candles, IPad, blankets and torches. By 11pm, I went to bed and made Huffle promise to send Small to bed soon, and wake us all if it got much much worse. I ended up taking Small back to bed when I went. Moo said once the hail started she got up and paced the loft as she was convinced they were coming through somewhere. I fell asleep and was woken by Huffle finally coming to bed. The storm was almost over and not much else happened.

The weather in the morning was dull but warm and I decided, once Small had gone to school, that I would go to work. I left Moo and Smallest puzzling, playing football, basketball, swinging. Smallest took Moo down the garden to show her the way round the back to the Royals. He showed her his battles and then I was home again.

I helped out MrsM again today. We tidied the Potage. I thinned out the carrots and parsnips and we weeded the driveway. We stopped for coffee and more Lavendar cake with the others and then we made cuttings of the Streptocarpus (African Violets) and then repotted all the original Streptocarpus. I left just after 12 with more lettuce and some radishes.

Once home, we had lunch and then went and visited a lady I had met whilst tidying the Community Gardens in our Hamlet. Her husband was English and her Mother was there as she had just broken her hip. Her property was in a lovely spot in the middle of nowhere with chickens running free, a couple of dogs and a cat. The dogs loved Smallest but he was very wary of them. They kept scratching him asking him to play (they didn't mean it but he just didn't understand). He couldn't leave the dogs alone and they were very happy to be stroked and tickled. We sat on the deck under a gazebo chatting and then Smallest and I had a walk around the garden feeding the chickens and playing ball with the dogs. Their house is on the airport site but they are not at all concerned and don't think it will go ahead. We had a nice afternoon and promised to go back. The lady actually said I could drop Moo off there and go and do whatever I wanted. Can you imagine me leaving her there and going off on my own? The lady reminded me it was Garden Club tonight.

We came home just in time for Small to get off the bus. He wanted to go straight into the pool. The temperature today was 22*. Smallest went in too.

Moo and I sat on the deck. She crossworded, threw Smallest in, got raccooned by him and I blogged and read.

Small came in to do his homework and we all came in for dinner. Huffle skyped us and sent us a photo of the view from his Hotel.

He is at a BBQ tonight for a 'meet and greet'.

I got ready for my Garden Club meeting and cycled there. Tonight it was about Culinary Herbs and their uses. It was very interesting and she made some amazing things for us to try. I enjoyed this one a lot. I even bought her book which she signed for me.

The weather forecast for the rest of the week is fabulous. No more storms, no rain, hopefully it won't change.

Today's clouds



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