Thursday, 20 June 2013

I didn't eat my chocolate chips

Moo couldn't get to sleep last night because she had been out, stayed out late and then come in, no TV, nothing to distract her. I was exactly the same so Huffle and I watched the last episode of IT Crowd. It was really good and funny. Then Huffle and I stayed up till late chatting. All the grown-ups were tired today.

The boys went off to school. I briefly skyped Grandma to check how she was. she had a fall yesterday and thought she had broken her ankle but luckily it wasnt. She is all strapped up and has Madamme Courvoissier looking after her (or pouring her wine!!) Moo and I went walking with NoCustard in the forest.

It was an unexpected walk which I think made it better. It cleared the sleepy cobwebs and cleared Moo's hangover!! It was lovely in there and we had a good chat and a laugh.

We walked for just over an hour quite fast as NoCustard had her new pole and was walking with intent!

Once home, Moo and I got changed and then went shopping. On today's list was birthday presents for two parties small is going to this weekend (one of which is twins). We were told to get Lego but we decided on footballs and shin pads instead. We thought it was a good idea. Small did too but wasn't sure one of his friends liked football (soccer). We were also looking for sunbeds which we could sun the back of our legs on and found one but it didn't seem too sturdy so we left it. We did however find a lovely Gravity Chair which I must point Huffle to because he might like to buy me one or two!

We came home, made lunch and sat poolside reading. It was gorgeous today. In fact we sat in the shade mostly. We came in to prepare dinner for later (turkey burgers, field mushrooms, rice and cous cous with RooPoo Pie for afters - yum yum). While I made the burgers, Moo cleaned the bathrooms - all sparkly now!

We went back to the pool and waited for the boys to arrive, they both jumped straight in. I went in too!

Huffle came home and jumped in and then we BBQ'd. We all had dinner at the pool and the boys went in afterwards until bedtime.

Huffle and I played Table Tennis while Moo read to the boys. I won YAAAYYYYY. Moo and I played a few games - I won YAAAYYYYY. Huffle and Moo played (she won, he played with wrong hand shhhhhh) and then we all sat down to watch The Apprentice.

Our lovely white poppy - beautiful

My wonderful friend Everett sent me this lovely postcard of our beautiful English village that we used to live in. She is a sweetie. It sits on my kitchen window with the snowy one she sent me in Winter of the same village. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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