Saturday, 1 June 2013

I don't want to see poo in the bathroom

Huffle and I decided last night we were having a lie in, so why did we have to wake up at 7:30 and then not be able to go back to sleep? It is the Law of the Sod! Everyone got up, had breakfast and then we went out to get supplies for the pool. It was a humid start to the day with storms forecast again. We went to the supermarket and bought Chlorine, Bromine, noodles (not the pasta type but the swimming floaty type), parasol, parasol holder, golf driving range tent thing (Huffle says thank you grandma and grandad I've used the birthday money) bike rack (so we can all go bike riding together - yay).............

While we were out, Small asked if they could get their hair cut, so we popped to the hairdressers and they both had a good cut. We eventually got home about 1pm and had some lunch and then the boys ran out and jumped in the pool. The thermometer said 25* but it said that yesterday and although the water wasn't too cool, we think it might be broken. I said I want going in the water as it was too cold so I went to dangle my legs in, then I thought, what the hell and got in. Initially it was cold but after we started the 'whirlpool' and grabbed at the leaves from underfoot, it was really nice. Smallest jumped in and made a huge splash and then we realised the splash was carrying on for much longer than it should have been.

The heavens had opened and we had torrential rain. We jumped out of the pool and grabbed our clothes and towels and ran for the barn. We didn't want to stay in there too long in case it started lightning so we ran inside.

Small went in the bath and Smallest and Pooh (Smallest's bear) entertained him.

Smallest reading to Small

I said "I do not want to see Poo in the bathroom, ordinarily I would only want to see poo in the bathroom but today I don't". Smallest struggled to keep a straight face. The rest of us had showers. Huffle made up the new fan for the loft.

The thunder started but I didn't see any lightning. Small got on with his homework and Smallest played on his DS and then me and him played with the K'nex. Huffle and I made a roast dinner and we ate it - yum yum.

It carried on raining and Smallest told us about when Grandad was looking after him and he got to eat all the black wine gums and they had a bowl of Black Raspberry Thunder ice cream in front if the TV! Naughty Grandad, you wait till we speak to him!

This morning we had frozen blueberries (just to try them) and they are very juicy and stainy! We all had some. Later I noticed Small had a blueish mark on his face. I thought it was blueberries and asked him to wash it off. Later, after his shower, it was still there. I looked closer and it looked like a love bite. I asked him what he had been doing and after investigation realised he had done it himself by using a water squirter on his face whilst we were shopping! Silly boy! Smallest has been running around shouting, have you got a girlfriend, who have you been kissing, did the hairdresser kiss you?


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