Friday, 7 June 2013

Dib dib dob

This morning I left Moo and the boys and went off knitting. I had a lovely time and I was greeted with 'yeah it's Famfa without any children!' We were told we were really noisy today. To be fair there wasn't an awful lot of knitting done but it was nice to have the morning to myself. While I was there I got a phonecall from MrsM asking if I wanted to go to the Royal York on Wednesday (NoCustard had told her Moo was here and I wanted to go - well done NoCustard).

Moo got the boys showered and then tidying their rooms. She managed to clear a load of clothes out of Small's room that no longer fit him so at least his drawers are not overflowing now. They had treats in between jobs.

I brought home muffins and biscuits as a treat too. The boys were very excitable today. Moo and I jigsawed for most of the afternoon and the boys played in their rooms, computed, did homework and played in the garden.

Moo, Small, Smallest and I drove Small to his Cuboree early evening.

We ended up in the wrong entrance, found the right one, parked, met up with some other cubs and the leader and then walked with them to their camp. We had to walk through a muddy wood, past lots of tents and different cub groups. We left Small there playing with his friends. Apparently they have a film tonight, followed by a campfire. Tomorrow there are lots of activities. We pick him up again on Sunday.

We drove home to find Huffle waiting for us on the porch. Smallest was tired and watched TV for a short while before going to bed.

A lovely Iris just come into bloom.

We opened a bottle of wine and had our tea nd the played cards. I'm sure I won!!!!!

Two photos I forgot to post. One of the Chip Van in our old Village. It used to park up directly over our hedge and the smell of the Chips would waft across to our house. Who could resist? This is a photo of the new and improved van sent by my friend Everett. Thank you. Wish we could smell it ha!

.....and is is a photo of my Mosquito catcher, which took a while to make and I think I have caught one mossie . PAH! The ones I didn't catch have eaten me.



Aunt Pear said...

Have a great weekend Small, dib dib. Brings back memories of dropping HB off for DoE treks, hope he not come back with damaged ankle and back!

AA said...

Ahhhh the Billesdon chip van... What delicious happy memories of sitting in your back garden with lovely chips and tiger bread. Mmmmm.


Sarah Tomson said...

The very same chip van parks right outside my house on a Friday night (I was sooo tempted last night but managed to stop myself)

I see moo is settling in well, hope your have a fab day at the Royal York can't wait for more pics