Monday, 10 June 2013

Soggy Monday

Moo won at cards again last night - that's it, send her home!

There was a very grumpy Small went off to school today. Not enough sleep over the weekend. Tut tut.

The forecast for today was rain, starting at 30% chance first thing to 60% later, so we decided if we were going out it would be sooner rather than later. Moo, Smallest and I got ourselves ready after breakfast and drove to Ajax with the intention of getting the pool water tested, going to the beach and taking Smallest for a bike ride. However, on the way it rained so we got the water tested which was perfect - hurray.

One whole year ago, the boys both did this whilst waiting for me in the pool shop

Then we got back in the car and looked for a coffee shop as Moo and I hadn't had a coffee yet. We ended up in Target where Starbucks was just inside the door. We had coffee and Smallest had a cookie then we did some wandering. It was absolutely throwing it down outside. We had a good look around and bought some bits and bobs, changed our minds on some things and took them back before we got out the door and got back in the car to do some food shopping.

The weather wasn't improving and we drove home for lunch. When we got home it didn't look like it had been raining much and we wondered if the rain was following us. It had as no sooner had we got in and unpacked the shopping, than the rain came down heavily. Smallest had lunch in front of the TV. Moo and I had lunch whilst playing Scrabble and then I started making dinner while Moo and Smallest made a Gruffalo Crumble (Rhubarb and Strawberry).

Smallest and Moo played Table Tennis and Table Fooball and then started a jigsaw. Small came home, finished his homework and looked very tired. The boys played upstairs together and then came and played on their DS'. Moo and I jigsawed while dinner cooked.

Huffle came home. We all ate. Beef Lasagne for the boys and Veggie Lasagne for the girls followed by Gruffalo Crumble and Custard. We are all stuffed!!! Smallest had a shower, Small watched TV.

Huffle, Moo and I played table tennis. Moo beat me one game - she has been practising on a Friday at home!

The kids went to bed and HB skyped. She has finished her first year and got the grades she wanted in her exam. Well done HB. x


Some more photos from Small's Cuboree....



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