Sunday, 9 June 2013

Who Poo'd on our drive?*

Last night, and the night before come to think of it, Moo beat us at cards. PAH how dare she! Another night without Small, very strange, he has never been away from home (apart from Moo's house) for this long. You can tell that Smallest misses him, he is like a lost sheep.

The sun was shining when we got up this morning and the sun room and outside temperature was already 25* by breakfast. We played basketball, badminton, stick battle, football and Smallest scooted and swung.

Huffle was using a good shuttlecock and a poor raquet. The shuttlecock kept getting stuck in the raquet (nearly every time). In the end we had to change back to a bad shuttlecock.

Mid morning we got ourselves by the pool with parasols, magazines, shorts and refreshments. The water was only 16* at the start and took about three hours to reach 17*, but then it got hotter and hotter and the sun got more powerful and the water finally settled at 19.5*. We all went in except Moo but it was very cold and only acceptable by lying on top of the Lilo.

Have you got enough puff?

We were just starting on lunch when Small called us asking if we were picking him up. We were told to get him at around 2pm but we should have been there about 11:30! Shame no-one told us! Poor Small. His friends mum spoke to me on the phone and offered to bring him home but via MacDonalds. We have never EVER taken Small or Smallest to MacDonalds and we are very proud of that fact. When he finally got home, Smallest told him he had broken our record of never being to MacDonalds and he said "I didn't go in and I only had a muffin". Bless him. He was very tired and hot. He put his swimming shorts on, had a quick sandwich and jumped straight in the pool.

Smallest is doing the face of Small as he jumped in the pool

He had a fabulous time at camp but didn't seem to eat much, his teeth were a state, he lost his toiletries bag and he broke his head-lamp. He wants to go again though next year.

Top: Moo reading

BL: hiding behind the Lilo while Smalls squirts us with water. BR: Moo showing Smallest some yoga!


We stayed by the pool all afternoon playing, reading, DSing, until it was time for dinner. We had an al fresco dinner in the shade and then played softball or baseball (what's the difference?) whilst listening to Otto sing and play his guitar. Small went in for a shower and the boys watched TV. Huffle cut the grass while Moo and I played Scrabble on the porch and tried to avoid the sun. Too much for one day for us fair skinned lovelies (well I am fair skinned, Moo is all brown and freckly, I think she's secretly been on the sunbed at home!)

Small checks out his Garage Sale purchases and we all play softball with the new bat

Huffle on the mower right at the bottom of the garden, from the loft window.


* three dollops of horse poo was left on our drive and grass - Small saw the girls who had let their horses do it. Very naughty, apparently they have already been told not to come through the Hamlet and use the path. Stinky things! We shovelled it up and put it in our compost bin after Smallest scooted right through it!

Some late photos came in of the Cuboree.......



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