Sunday, 23 June 2013

Feeling hot hot hot!

In the night it rained and rained and rained. It didn't make the humidity any less though. First order of the day, after breakfast, was sorting the pool. We vacuumed, backwashed, rinsed and filled the pool. It was beautifully sparkly and very tempting to just jump in. Small finished his homework. Huffle and I skyped Aunty Miaow and Grandma. We sorted out a schedule for Aunty Miaow and Uncle Tuc's visit (I can't tell you what it is as Aunty A might get upset!) and checked on Grandmas progress.

We all went up to the pool. It was so hot (not the pool though, that was a welcoming cool). We were all in and out, reading, eating, drinking. We had lunch up there and then Small went off to his party and Huffle went for wine and water softener salt. When he got back he said Smallest could go to the party too if he wanted. He did of course, so Huffle took him too.

We had more sunning, relaxing, peace and quiet and a whole afternoon to ourselves. The temperature got to 24* in the pool and a whopping 30* outside. Though the humidity was very high and it felt much warmer. Almost unbearable in the sun and just okay in the shade.

We gave in at 5pm and put the BBQ on for dinner. We had Tilapia which Moo ate for the first time and Salmon Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries. Huffle went to get the boys who had had a fabulous wet and muddy time. Small caught a fish but Huffle made him put it back as it was a river minnow and would not have liked living in a bowl!

The boys had showers and watched TV before bed. We put the air conditioning on and closed all the doors and windows. We played Table Tennis - the basement was lovely and cool but when you moved further up the house it starts getting very hot. Outside is still hot (8pm).

Earlier we left the hose filling the pool up, but forgot so it is now overflowing, whoops! While Huffle and I were outside we heard a few rumbles of thunder. Oh dear!

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