Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Don't mow us down!

I woke up and the rain started. Really heavy rain. Huffle worked from home today as he had a dodgy tummy. I had one the other day. Smallest had one last night. Everyone else is fine so I don't think it is something we have eaten.

Small went off to school and was excited about his trip. He went to Torronto to a film studio to take part in Stop start Animation (a bit like Wallace and Gromit). Smallest went to school in his shorts and Wellies.

The temperature had dramatically dropped this morning so we turned the aircon off. As a precaution against bugs, Moo and I started throroughly cleaning the kitchen before we set about baking. We made flapjack for the boys to take to school for their pot luck day (everyone takes in a different thing to eat and share) plus a treat for them and their 'reading buddies'. Then we made Chocolate Banana Loaves and Ginger Muffin Loaves for the teachers end of term presents to say thank you. They came out amazing and of course we had to try them before we gave them away.

Once we had cleared away, we went out to Unionville. A lovely quaint Heritage Village surrounded by overgrown suburbia. The weather was humid again with threatening rain and storms but we had a nice walk past the shops and around and about and into the nature park. We played a couple of games of Pooh Sticks, photographed the Dragon flies and narrowly escaped two tractor mowers.

We looked at the park, took photos, watched a wedding procession and had a quick bagel and a drink.

Then we came home just before it started raining. The aircon was back on and it was quite humid again. Poor Huffle hadn't had a great day, working from home whilst still feeling poorly, so Moo bought him a present to cheer him up (a bottle of Stewarts Cream Soda). We got presents too. Some salt water taffy for the boys and fudge for me. All from the Old Fire Hall Confectionary. Ummm ummm

Moo and I made dinner. We played a couple of games with the kids and then table tennis. Moo and I have nealy finished the jigsaw - this is a hard one.



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Aunt Pear said...

Only ever heard of salt water taffy on Friends! We off to Wimbledon, good job we have tickets, they have sold out already today .