Thursday, 13 June 2013

Poor Bob!

This morning we sent the boys off to school. Smallest wearing shorts and Wellies - it was looking rainy but actually didn't rain properly until early evening. Moo and I had a quick breakfast, an even quicker game of table tennis, picked up Mrs Royal and went into the forest to meet NoCustard. We liberally covered ourselves in Mosquito repellant which smells awful, still they bit though!! The forest was lovely. We walked at a good pace for just over an hour and then left to come home.

We had coffee and biscuits at the Royals and discussed the airport, the upcoming 175th celebration of the Hamlet and the kids. We left around midday and stopped and chatted to Drew for a while.

Once home, we showered, lunched and went out to buy some food. There were some very interesting characters in the supermarket. Moo and I didn't need to say anything, just occasionally looked at each other in a 'knowing' way. We came home, unpacked the shopping, made a pot of tea and sat by the pool waiting for the boys to come home. When the sun was out it was very powerful. The sky was very cloudy and we got breaks every now and then but in the end Moo and I had to put up the parasol before we got burnt!

The boys came home and instantly jumped in the pool.

Moo was pushing Smallest in!

They stayed in for a while, had an ice pole, jumped back in and then I came in to start the dinner leaving Moo watching them. Not much longer and Small came in to do his homework. Then Smallest came in and had a shower. Moo stayed out and took advantage of the peace.

Huffle came home and we all ate homemade quiche with a homegrown salad (And maybe a cheeky wine).

Small carried on with his homework. He is working on poems at school at the moment. Here is a selection of his work:- Once there was a man named Dan, He got mad, Because someone wrecked his van, He is now sad.

Once there was a boy named Bob, He once got chased by a blob, he then hit his head, and was knocked down dead, that was the end of bob.

I know a guy, he likes pie, and fish, on a dish.

Moo and I played about four games of Table Tennis while Huffle read to the boys. Then Moo and Huffle played and then Huffle and I. Phew, worn out now.




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