Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Moo and a case full of beans

As Huffle was leaving this morning he said "be good". Me? Be good? Why? "Drive carefully and slowly". Okay I will.

Small went to school. Smallest played on the computer and I cleaned my bathroom, tidied Smallest's room, swept the floors and mopped the porch (after Huffle painted it, we had a storm, mega winds and pollen fallings from the trees - it made an awful mess).

Off we went to the airport to collect Moo. We got there without incident, I even held up the traffic because I was the only one doing the correct speed (I was not prepared to go to court again!). We got there in time, parked, didn't lose our ticket, waited for about fifteen minutes for Moo to arrive, hugged, carried her cases to the car (wow they were heavy), drove home again without incident.

Moo emptied her case............

Ummmm goodies - she has no clothes ha!

We visited the pool and Moo agreed it was much clearer. She had to push Smallest on the swing and then we went upstairs to the loft. She couldn't believe how nice it was (though she had seen photos and Skype video). We had to move everything around as she kept banging her head. I do it all the time (Grandma and Grandad didn't - are they very small or just careful?).

While Moo and I had our coffee and looked at the front garden, the boys played leap frog, piggy back riding and practiced their Taekwondo.

We all played football and then Small and I started making dinner while Moo had football lessons from Smallest (she wasn't very good and she kept getting things wrong).

Huffle came home and got his goodie bag from Moo. We all had dinner and then Moo got 'raccooned' by Smallest in her room while Huffle and I watered the veggies and made up a comfrey fertiliser.

Moo put the boys to bed and read to them. They were very excitable! Moo was very tired.

Moo waving to all her followers.

When we lived in England, a Friday jaunt out to Costas in Harborough was a favourite of ours. Occasionally we would bump into our ex-neighbours, Cog-cog and Hairy who moved to Scotland but visited family occasionally. I often hear Moo telling me that she bumps into them still. Anyway, the point of this is Moo was telling us about being in the airport this morning. "I went to Costas for my breakfast this morning......" I interrupted with 'and you saw CogCog and Hairy?' "No, they didn't have any bread......". When Huffle came home she started the story again "When I was in Costas this morning......" Huffle said 'did you see CogCog and Hairy?' NO THEY HAD NO BREAD. Funny - to us anyway.



Aunt Pear said...

Well done Moo, what a collection of goodies. Have wonderful trip.

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Hello Moo!

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Hello Moo!

Sarah Tomson said...

Hello Moo!

Loving the table of goodies - don't eat them all at once!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Moo. Wow look at all those goodies, lots of Mollie Makes magazines there! Have you told Moo yet that you're sending her over to mine to keep my house tidy???? She doesn't need to read to me though, I can do that bit myself!!


famfa said...

Yes quite a booty

famfa said...

Hello mrs rumbleskins x

famfa said...

Hi Sarah. We will try not to. Everything best before 2014 has been hidden away but the rest we have to eat - oh dear

famfa said...

I will package her up. I wonder how many stamps that would be