Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Who wants to eat cake?

Huffle went to work and I came down to the boys arguing. "He took my blanket and there was another one on the floor". "I came up to get you and he stole my chair". I turned off the TV because I couldn't believe they would argue over a chair and a blanket. Three blankets and four chairs in that room and still they argue!!!

Once the boys had gone to school, I went off to work. MrsM was out for the day and J was out delivering which left me and one other lady taking out as much grass out of the beds as possible. We also weeded and pulled out the old tulip foliage. I came home with a ground cover plant as we pulled a lot of it up. When we stopped for coffee, there were a lot of customers so the others couldn't come up and join us, which meant we didn't get any nice things to eat. We carried on until 12 and then went home. Hard work today.

Once home, I had lunch, tidied up and then went and made Moo's bed. I dusted up there and then got a bit lost in my craft side. I sewed up a cushion cover, started a crocheted doily and generally tidied up.

I drove to the supermarket and bought some more testing strips for the pool as I thought the others might be either out of date or shouldn't have been left out in the cold. I also got a thermometer because Huffle doesn't believe the reading on the old one. I got a new cossie because when I was in the pool the other day, I noticed that it was wearing away - the fabric has gone very see through!! Oooh errrr! I tested the pool when I got home and the results were exactly the same. The thermometer also read the same as the other one. So it wasn't a completely unproductive afternoon. I did plant some things in the garden though. A couple of sunflowers, the plant I brought home from work, some everlasting sweet peas.

Smallest played on the swing and Small and I played basketball and then we all played hide and seek.

It wasn't long before the boys decided to go in the pool though it was quite cool in there.

They didn't stay in long. I came in and made dinner and when Huffle came home we all ate.

The boys went on the computer. I sat I the craft room and tried to finish some things. Huffle painted the porch and I read to Small. Smallest read a book to me about Honey Bees - very interesting. Smallest got himself in a state today. He came home and said something about a trip. He didn't know when, he didn't know where but he thought it might be on a day when he wasn't a school and I would have to go with him. There was nothing in his bag and nothing on the calendar. I rang the school and left a message in case it was a trip for tomorrow and then I left a message for Mrs Jackson5 (as her son is in Smallest's class). She rang me back and said there was a trip for Thursday and a note in the bag today. She was going to ask one of the other mums just in case but after I told Smallest, he seemed to remember more! Silly Billy.

Huffle and I checked on the pool again. The bromine is still low. Why? We added it. Its still there. I suppose I need to take a water sample in. One thing for sure is that the water is much much clearer.

It is much cooler this evening. The boys didn't have their fans on, the windows have been closed and they are under their quilts instead of thin sheets.

Huffle and I watched Cake Boss. (Seen that shop!).



Aunt Pear said...

Morning Canada. Glad to read all well in the house and ur ready for Moo's visit. How long will she be with you? Countdown nearly complete, have good time, ru then off on hols?

butlersabroad said...

Who doesn't like to eat cake? One of the things we brought back from our trip to England is a floral three tier cake stand.... in melamine, so we can take it on the deck, or better still, take it camping!! Need to give it a test drive!

Sorry about the post confusion, I hit publish instead of schedule and had to pull it back! I wondered if anyone would notice, lol!!