Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Flying Low

What a rainy night. It kept me awake, well that and Huffle breathing - phooooooo PAH, phooooooo PAH, phooooooo PAH.

The boys went off to school in shorts and raincoats. Moo and I sat and finished off the jigsaw whilst eating our breakfast and drinking fine coffee.

Then we started another one (jigsaw not coffee) before getting ready and going to the Mall for some retail therapy. We bought some clothes and had to go and have a coffee and half a scone to recover. Then we started again in another couple of shops before stopping for a toasted bagel and going home. We did well. The sun was out and shining and we rushed home to make the most of it.

Once home, we visited The Royals for a cup of tea. Mr Royal gave us a bowling ball and bag to give to the boys. We had a sit in the sunshine and a good chat. Mr Royal had just been to a meeting about the proposed airport near us. It is now going ahead, starting work in 2017. I don't think it will be a huge one that would benefit our visitors. There has also been some land given over for a National Park. The boys came home and I ran after the bus to get them to come to the Royals. They had a good run around and a mess about - they liked their bowling ball - before we all went home. The Royals were off to pickup an award this evening.

The boys on the swing with their ball

Royal Alliums

I tried on my clothes and gave Moo a fashion show before we all headed in the garden. Swinging, sliding, football and finally badminton.

All four of us played, then Small, Moo and I with Small mainly falling over and being hit in the eyes and head with the Minton (Smallest calls the shuttlecock that!). Then Smallest came back and I went in to make dinner.

I had to give up as the Mosquitoes were dive bombing me


Huffle came home and played football with the boys. Moo and I played table tennis. She beat me one game again! Huffle went to have a dip in the pool, so after our game I went to see him. He wasn't in the pool.........

He was painting the deck. Then when he was hot enough he jumped in and had a run round. When I looked it was 20* but he said it was much cooler. I moved the furniture around for him as he likes to paint around things - funny Huffle. The boys sat and watched TV before bed and Moo did some jigsaw.

Our lovely Poppy
Our first flowering Peony (we only planted it in the Autumn - Mrs Courvoissier !!)

The early evening's clouds



Aunt Pear said...

Nice photos. Bet it's nice having Moo with you, does she like her new posh bedroom?

AA said...

Where are the fashion show photos??