Friday, 14 June 2013

Oops there go my payents (trousers)

It rained all through the night and the winds were horrendous. At 1:30am a loud vehicle rushed past our house and reversed using the beep beep beep beep as it went backwards and then forwards and then back again. It was a fire engine across the road. We got up to see what was going on and peered out of the bathroom window. In our Hamlet (may be all over) if you call 911 for fire, police or ambulance, you get whichever one is closest. Of course we have a local fire station in the Hamlet so that is what turns up first in most cases. An ambulance came eventually but we don't think anyone was taken away. All vehicles disappeared and we attempted to get back to sleep though the rain and wind was very noisy. Moo was woken by the fire engine and couldn't get back to sleep.

Suffice to say, this morning we were all tired. Huffle had to go to a funeral of an employees Father in Law. Very bizarre. Huffle was there to support his employee as he has never met the man's family but apparently it would have been very rude had he not attended. His PA wanted him to go to the Visitation but Huffle put his foot down.

The boys both went off to school, Taekwondo Dobuks in hand.

Moo and I had breakfast and then got ready for a coffee and cake at the Nursery I work at for Canada's first National Garden Day. It was a lovely hot day. We were welcomed into the Potage with cups of coffee and slices of Lavender Cake - very nice. We stayed there for over a hour and Moo had a good walk around the gardens and nursery. The photographer (the one who was with us at the Royal York) was there and she took a photo of me stuffing flowers into Moo's mouth. She asked her her name and wrote it down. Will she be in the paper? I'll let you know! MrsM got us trying flowers and leaves and all sorts. It was interesting.

The Potage and Pet Rabbit's radishes

Next we went on to knitting.

I love this bike. It is wrapped in wool. El's friend found it in a field. Fabulous.

I started my sock from the beginning and Moo started a baby boy's cardi for her neighbour. There was only two others and El there this week so it was pretty quiet. We stayed there till just after midday and then walked around the Town looking for somewhere for lunch. It was such a beautiful day we didn't want to be inside so we chose a little cafe with some outside seating. We ordered and sat in the sunshine, people walking past us saying hello and commenting on the weather. We had a lovely grilled cheese toastie and salad (moo had cauliflower soup), a cup of coffee and we shared a Turtle cupcake because a lady who was leaving said we should try them even if we were full. It was delightful.

We walked back and considered having a walk in the forest on the way home but neither of us was wearing appropriate footwear so we came home, changed into shorts and played a good game of badminton. The wind made it tough and then the sun made us squint but it was good. Next we relaxed by the pool, reading, chatting and ending with me hanging my legs in the water. I was very tempted to jump in but I had straightened my hair and Huffle and I were due out later for a night out.

The boys came home, ate their apples, got their swim shorts on and jumped in the pool. Huffle came home, got his shorts on and jumped in the pool.

While I was sitting by the pool I was texting Em and LizzieDotDot and Everett while they were in the local pub with the old playgroup I used to go.

lovely ladies : ). Bit blurry but guessing alcohol was consumed x

I had kept dry (apart from my legs) all afternoon because of going out but as soon as Small was in the pool, jumping and making waves, I got very wet. My straightened hair ruined!!

Huffle and I left Moo and the boys and went out to a Theatre Barn where we had dinner and watched a farce.

Dinner was a buffet in an old cow shed. Our cow's name was Elsie. We helped ourselves to salad, bread and soup, though I didn't have the soup (wish I had later as my main was somewhat lacking....). The Main was Fish, Chicken, Beef, Sausage, 2 roast potatoes and old people's carrot and peas and gravy. So I had Fish, Potatoes Carrot and Peas and half of my plate was empty. Dessert was a selection of big cakes, puddings etc. nice. Coffee, tea was available whilst listening to a Man on a banjo telling jokes and singing and a lady called T'elma playing the piano. There was a bit of audience participation. The average age of the barn dwellers was 63. They loved it. We were moved into the Theatre into some very low seats and the farce began.

A man goes to his cottage to have a naughty weekend away with a girl from the coffee shop. His wife surprises him and dresses as a maid. His friend turns up and dresses as a maid. His mistress dresses as a maid. His parents arrive, lots of people running around, through doors, maids everywhere. Oops there goes my maids outfit. One very funny actor carried the whole show. One intermission where no-one knew what to do. Quite a long show. Funny in parts. Easily entertained audience. We could have met the actors at the end and had a drink with them but we chose to scoot away. Quite an experience overall. Would come back for the theatre but not the food. We got it on Groupon which made it worthwhile.

On the way there and back we drove through a village that had a film crew set up. On the way back though we couldn't get through as they were filming. How exciting.




AA said...

I can't believe how blue the pool is! No longer full of porridge??


famfa said...

And it seems to get clearer everyday. Lovely. No porridge now and if there us we can see it and vacuum it out. Wonderful xx