Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ooooh hello Nelly!

Huffle and I were watching The IT Crowd (our new bedtime programme) last night in bed when Smallest poked his head and torch around door and said he could hear a strange noise and he didn't like it. We got up and went back to his room with him and listened. We heard nothing. He said it was in his head! We told him sometimes if you get water in your ears it can make funny sounds. He was happy with that and settled back down to go to sleep. Ten minutes later he was back asking if he could sleep with us, as he had had a bad dream about being tied to a tree and a big red wave coming over him. He settled in between us, we turned off IT Crowd and started watching a documentary about the ballet hoping it would either make him go to sleep or send him back to his room. It did neither. Huffle fell asleep, I really enjoyed it and Smallest watched avidly (though the next day he did say it was strange!). He went back to his room when I turned off the TV and slept on until morning.

Huffle and I had a lie-in. I have no idea what time the boys got up but Smallest was in a quiet mood all day, we are guessing his lack of sleep was the reason for this. We had breakfast and Skyped Grandma and Grandad. Then while the boys played on the computer, Huffle and I tried to fit the bike rack to the car. Both of our cars has a spare wheel attached to the back, therefore the rack we bought doesn't fit! So that put paid our day of biking as a family near the beach. So far, from our purchases yesterday, we are taking back the Bike Rack, a Ground Sheet that should have been a camping mat and Small's trainers that I broke taking the tag off (quality!). We decided to look at the pool and maybe prepare it for a day in it. We started by vacuuming it, filling it and testing it. Certainly much cleaner and clearer. Then we sorted out the chemicals and ended up sorting and clearing out the barn and pool surroundings. We did a lovely job but it was 1pm by the time the boys came out and joined us and we all went in the pool. We had lunch poolside under the shade of one umbrella tied to the post and then all went back in again.

It was a strange day weather wise.

One minute the sun was scorching hot and very powerful, then the clouds would come over making it much cooler, especially with wet skin, then black clouds would come over threatening rain, then the sun would be out again.

We had plenty of silliness, lots of relaxing, some exercise, many photographs and we stayed out there till at least 4pm.

It started raining so we headed inside. Small went for a shower (a third one this weekend!) and Smallest wrapped himself up in a blanket and relaxed in the sun room. Huffle and I ran around getting things in, clearing away and tidying. Then the rest of us had showers. The boys played on their DS' while Huffle and I got dinner and Huffle arranged his Golf day for tomorrow with Mr Royal.

We ate our dinner in front of a movie. Today we watched the end of Real Steel. Good film.

Huffle and I went out and planted some plants. Well he planted, I watered and told him where to plant ha!

Our lovely Nelly Moser Clematis is flowering. It is one of the first plants we ever bought as a couple when we lived in our terrace house in the city. Ahhhhh, it's nice to see it flowering here.


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Anonymous said...

Yesterday was an odd day wasn't it? I was happy to come inside in the afternoon and do some crafting. Had to put pj's on for bed too! At least all those storms will have passed in time for Moo to arrive, lovely garden plants, terribly British lol!!