Friday, 21 June 2013

Was it a soggy scone?

I didn't sleep well. I cut the side of my foot yesterday on a chair and everytime I turned it caught on the covers, plus it was too hot, plus smallest woke up all bunged up and Huffle got up to put Vicks on his chest. He seems fine this morning.

Small and I ran around the house making preparations for his Paintball party this evening, Taekwondo lessons at lunchtime and writing of cards and wrapping birthday presents. All before 8:45. He went off to school. One more week and they are finished for the Summer.

Smallest played on the computer while Moo and I had breakfast and then we all went out armed with Smallest's bike, Scooter, Taekwondo Dobuk and his lunch. We went to Stouffville, our local town,and he rode his bike around the park.

At first he was tottery, didn't like starting, struggled to stop and wasn't happy with corners but by the time Moo had run around with him a few times he was much more confident. He stopped for a break on the park and had a swing and a climb.

By the time we had cycled to the ice cream shop he was very confident and cycling as quick as he scooted.

We sat in the shade for our ice creams (French Vanilla - Smallest, Tiramisu - Moo, Straciatella - me) then we visited the Thrifty store where Moo bought a book and Smallest looked longingly at the electric drums. We cycled back to the car and drove to school in time for the Taekwondo lesson.

Small wasn't going to go because he was supposed to be setting up the Play day for the Kindergartens but I spoke to a teacher and she said it was fine. I'm glad Small did go because he was the most senior (with his yellow stripe) and had extra duties to perform, like getting the others a partner and shouting out instructions at the end. They had a good talk about what they were going to do in the Summer and the yellow stripes all had to stand at the front and be 'respected'. That was the last one of Taekwondo this year, hopefully there will be another next year. I don't know if Small wants to carry on but Smallest definitely does. We dropped Smallest off at his class for his play day, came home and had lunch on the Porch - too hot today to sit in the sun at 25*. I dont know what the humidity was but it was baking! It was 30* by our back door first thing. We checked the forecast for the rest of the week - OUCH.

Moo got on the tractor and cut the grass.

I finished the twiddly bits and then picked up Smallest from school. He went in the pool when he got back, he was very hot and had been running around madly.

Moo went in too and they had a water fight. I bought out tea and scones. You'll never guess where Moo ate them?

Small came home and he jumped straight in. He wasn't in long before he had to go to his party. I dropped him off. They went to a paintball party. Once I was home I got in the pool. I have been feeling a bit dodgy all day. Stomach cramps and nausea. The pool cooled me and I felt better till I got out.

Huffle came home early and also went in the pool. Moo, Smallest and I had dinner poolside while Huffle lazed in the ring in the middle of the pool sunning himself. Smallest got in after dinner. We cleared everything away and came in. Smallest watched TV while we all played table tennis.


We wish all the best to Aunt Pear who retired today (yes she did retire before and go back to work, but I have been reliably informed by HB that she WILL NOT be going back).



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