Thursday, 6 June 2013

That's $254.15 please Madam

This morning I left Moo in charge of the boys while I rushed off to school to speak to MrsK (Small's teacher). I wanted to find out whether she thought Small was gifted. I haven't mentioned this before because I didn't want to appear like a 'pushy Mum' or someone who thinks her child is 'super clever', but to be fair, he is clever and in England, he was Gifted. It was someone at knitting that said I should get him tested. When we first came here I wanted him to settle in properly and I thought that if he was Gifted, they would surely know at school. Well it turns out that in Grade 3 a letter comes home to ask if you want your child to be tested. We arrived in Grade 3 but obviously just after the letters went out, therefore he cannot now be tested until Autumn, which is fine by me. I explained to his teacher that I had had two incidents where Small had been disrespectful to teachers, that he was reluctant to go to school and seemed to be lacking the 'love of school' he used to have. She didn't think he was bored. She had thought once or twice he may be gifted and she thought he should be tested so that at least we and the school would know. Where we go once we know is an entirely different issue. I am glad I spoke to her. She did, however, think we should get Smallest tested as well (though not until Grade 3). She was his teacher last year and she has spoken to his teacher this year and they are both very impressed with him (well that's a British education for you!). I hadn't told Small anything about it but MrsK has written a note to me in his agenda and now he knows. He is fine about it!

Moo got the boys on the bus okay (though didn't really notice that Smallest had gone to school looking like Orphan Annie's brother, and to be fair, I didn't notice till he came home!). I got home before school properly started and Moo and I had time for a coffee before we drove off to the forest to meet NoCustard for a lovely walk. It was threatening to rain and it was quite cool but we walked fast and soon warmed up. The forest was, as usual, lovely.

We walked for just over an hour and then left. NoCustard had shopping to take back and Moo and I wanted to get changed and pick up a few things for Small's weekend away with the cubs.

Our first stop was a supermarket where we purchased a tin mug but couldn't find anything else we wanted so we stopped at the Tire where we bought a plastic mug, plate and bowl (actually it says it is made of bamboo but its a strange material) and a knife, spoon and fork that was attached to a key ring.

We went for lunch and had Empanadas and a lovely salad.

Then we walked to the Thrifty Store and bought a book. Nothing else, just a book. By the time we came out it was raining. The rain continued for the rest of the day, but as Moo wrote in an email today "hot is overrated and the rainfall today was refreshing". Next we went to the Consignment Store. On the way we drove along a road I have driven along many times, but when I came onto the Main Street we seemed to be going in the wrong direction. I have looked at the map, I have discussed my route with Huffle and it makes no sense. We can only assume that we were abducted by Aliens for just a few minutes. In the Consignment Store I noticed the coffee table both Huffle and I liked back in April. It had been put in the back room for charity. I. asked if I could buy it. It was at its lowest price and then halved. Moo bought it for us because she saved money from not upgrading this visit. She was also very kind in deciding to buy us a beautiful wool rug. This was the conversation in the shop.

me: how much is the rug? lady: $54.15. Moo moves to pay after three ladies wrestle a heavy piece of furniture off of the beautiful wool rug. I make a joke and say 'oh I don't want it now'. The lady says 'have you heard about dead people being rolled in carpets ha ha?'. The lady who is at the cashier says to Moo "$254.15 please". 'Oh' says Moo. 'I don't have that much cash in my purse Famfa!' We left the shop rather sharpish after proclaiming many many "we're very sorry" "sorry" whoops" etc etc.

We drove home past the farmers market but because of the rain there wasn't a lot going on. We came home, put the table in place and I moved the whole house around just to get that 'look' I wanted for the living room. Moo went upstairs and sewed on the badges for Small's camp blanket and then the boys were home.

I made a Leek and Potato soup for dinner and although Smallest liked it, he insisted on eating Heinz Tomato Soup from England (his words). The boys played on the computer after running around the living room and loving all the new positions of the chairs. Huffle came home and we ate and then played cards on our new table.

Our lovely lilac through the window in the barn



Aunt Pear said...

Beautiful lilac tree, and well done the boys, guess nature and nurture both played a part. Have lovely weekend, hope it doesn't rain.

AA said...

I'm intrigued by this idea of testing to identify 'gifted' children. What happens if they are gifted??

Obviously they are, and probably as a direct result of excellent moral guardianship...