Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Achey Breaky

The whole house, except Small unbelievably (the lightest sleeper), was woken by a 7am train honk honking its way through the Hamlet and nearby villages again. I realise it is a weekday and people have to work today (including me) but 7am??????? Come on!!!!! I went back to sleep and felt like I had been asleep for only a few minutes when Smallest came in to wake me up. Today was back to work day.

The boys had had their breakfast and we managed to get away just after 9am for a morning of hard work in the searing heat at the Garden with MrsM. We harvested 3 different types of potatoes (not a great deal but enough for a few meals), lots of lovely big garlic, some kale which we bought home and made Kale Chips (or crisps) beans (runners and French - not as many as ours but again, enough for a few meals).

The boys were given a butterfly net to catch the butterflies intent on eating the cabbages. I think Small caught one but the others just got away or flew away too scared of the net. I didn't realise they were going to have to kill them. Small didn't find it a problem but I couldn't have done it, not sure about Smallest (Mr animal Lover). For coffee break we had Chocolate Brownies which were decadently yummy. After our break and a long discussion about Newfoundland where MrsM had just come back from, we dug out lots of geraniums of which I brought home a few, plus a couple of ferns and some Solomon Seal. It was very hot and still quite humid. The boys were exhausted but Small did catch a Pokemon.

We had lunch with Huffle and this afternoon we let him go back to work and went in the pool. Here we played several games of pool hide and seek (Smallest and I are useless at this game because we laugh and the whole point is to be as quiet as possible). Smallest and I also played Blokkus before coming in.

I made dinner (well I heated up leftovers from yesterday) and made Kale Chips which are just bite size pieces of kale without stalks baked in an oven for ten minutes. They aren't the tastiest thing ever but they are quite moreish. Smallest and Huffle liked them but Small didn't.

After dinner all the boys went off to Smallest's practice where it was taken by CoachOl. Apparently the most exciting thing that happened was that the Eagle who has a nest on top of one of the lights, brought its babies a fish. I stayed at home and painted my nails, sat on the porch, had a glass of wine (broke the glass. This morning I broke my most favourite plate that Small and Huffle painted for me many moons ago) and watched TV. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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