Friday, 19 August 2016

Fou Fou - Poo Poo

Huffle didn't sleep again - too many noises! He went off to the office today, better to be out of our way if he's had no sleep for two days. OUCH! He'll be ready for you this evening MrsNoLady if you open your foul mouth again!

This morning we decided to try and fit our bikes in my car. One on top of the other, it was a bit of a squeeze but we did it. Smallest's seat was a bit squashed but he was safe. We drove to the Beach (30 minutes away) and then cycled along the lake to the tennis courts an attempted to play tennis. It was really hot and nearly midday so we didn't play very well but we had a laugh and run around.

We cycled back to the beach and the boys found a good spot while I cycled back to the car, deposited the tennis stuff and picked up our picnic lunch. No-one anywhere near us until an Italian man came up to us and started talking. He asked where we lived and whether we'd been cycling. He told us he lived somewhere but he was hard to understand. He told us all about the family up the beach where he had just passed. Eventually he left us to have our lunch. On the at back he stopped again and asked where we were from. ENGLAND. Oh I'm from Italy. Ahhhh ARRIVERDERCI Said I. He said Ciao and walked off. Eeeeek. I said Goodbye. Oh well it worked though I didn't mean to be rude.

We all cycled back to the car to deposit the bag and then cycled towards the park and ice cream shop for refreshments. Half way there I realised I had left my purse in the car so I left the kids in the shade and cycled back and forth (I knew I'd get my exercise in somehow) and joined them back on the cycle path. It was a nice ride to the shop but unfortunately the ice cream was not up to standard. It was really icy, kept falling off the cones (in fact the girl serving it had a lot of trouble putting in on the cone!) but it cooled us down as we sat by the Splash Pad watching the little ones play. Small and I went through the splash pad to cool down more and then w picked up our bikes and cycled back to the car.

After we got the bikes in, we took our water and sat on a rock on the beach before our drive back home. There we were, happily sitting on a rock, cooling down after our bike ride, not bothering anyone and trying to take some photos of ourselves when a woman comes down the beach with two dogs. WINSTON, WINSTON, WINSTON. I don't think the dog knows his name lady, he's not taking a blind bit of notice of you. Then what does naughty Winston do? He sniffs around our rock and squats his stinky squatty legs and has a poo! OMG! We jumped up and the owner said "I'm sorry I'll clean it up". OH WELL THATS OKAY THEN, WE'LL JUST SIT AND WATCH SHALL WE? I'm not talking a metre or two away, I'm talking almost on my feet! We got in the car, avoided MrItalian AGAIN (who was trying to rub sun cream on his back and I was scared he was going to ask me to rub it in for him), the kids shouted arriverderci out of the window and we drove away.

Oooh look! Winston even managed to get in our photo!

As soon as we got home we went into the pool. It was lovely and cooling and we had a bit of a play before getting out and starting dinner. The boys played on their tablets and Huffle arrived home.

The water needs to clear again but it was nice

This evening we all went to Small's 2nd part of the football tournament. Unfortunately half of the team didn't appear so there were no subs which meant they had to work extremely hard. The ref was useless and kept changing his mind. MrsFoulmouth didn't turn up thank goodness, we think we have seen the last of her. It was a very entertaining game but we lost. Shame. Two more games.


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