Saturday, 27 August 2016

Nothing better than a smiley Sikh

There was a vote at the breakfast table this morning "who wants to watch the Stoke game on the big TV?" Six hands went up (cheats). "Who wants to watch the Leicester game on the big TV?" Just me! The boys all got the TV in the living room and I got thrown out on the porch with an IPad, my coffee and my knitting. Poor me (I think I got the best deal but I won't let them know that). Well Stoke lost and Leicester won ha! I tried to tell my family they were supporting the wrong team but funnily enough, they ignored me.

Yay finished

By midday we were ready to go out and decided on an impromptu afternoon/evening in Downtown Toronto. Huffle drove us down and we parked in our normal 'ticket on the dash' place and then walked up to our favourite pizza/gelato place G FOR GELATO. On the way we caught many Pokemon and filled up with so many Pokeballs, lotions and potions that I had to empty my 'bag' several times.

Small had a late night and was tired from yesterday's football. His mood today was very impatient and everyone and evything was annoying him.

Buildings, blue sky and reflections
I can't pretend to know them all but I got a Jigglypuff and a polysomething

Lunch was a shared pizza (Margherita and Truffle Oil Mushroom) followed by huge gelato (salted caramel, creamy chocolate, lemon, coconut, white chocolate fudge, stratiatella). We then made our way from the financial district down to the harbour, more pokemoning as we went, learning about the names of different buildings and statues along the way. It was quite interesting and informative, plus we caught some rare Pokemon.

Lanterns, sculptures, fountains and beautiful glass work

At the harbour we queued up for the ferry and at the last minute decided to take the 'residential' one to Wards Island and then walked 3km to Centre Island. (All in all we walked over 10km today). On the way we stopped at a drinking hole for refreshments. It was next to the water, in a garden of shadowy trees and was very pleasant. We carried on walking until we all ran out of steam. Two of us had dodgy tummies, one of us had little legs and was tired and the other needed feeding. Eventually we got to the ferry, pushed in the queue like very unbritish people and didn't fit on the ferry that was sitting in the harbour. We had to wait in a cage for the next one feeling very sticky, hungry and tired. Luckily it didn't take too long by which time it was around 8pm but was nice and breezy with lots of people to look at and watch including a very smiley Sikh gentleman.

On the way there
Drinking hole, bikes galore and snake island
I had very little charge left on my phone and spent the second half of the trip on Airplane mode. Probably good else how many photos could I have taken?
On the way back
On the way back

As we hadn't eaten much we popped to a shop that sold everything and picked up a baguette, some laughing cow and a packet of crisps and ate our tea/supper underneath the egg whisk sculpture. Once again there was plenty to watch as we saw another dog called Winston take a shine to us and want to sit and eat with us (at least this one didn't poo on us) and another dog being pushed in a buggy but being taken out in order to wee on the concrete. Huffle took umbridge at this. One of his pet hates is dogs dressed up, but being pushed around Toronto in a pushchair - eeeeek! We saw several in handbags today too. Poor things, what do their owners think those four things are under their bodies?

We finally got home around 10pm and the boys went straight to bed. We are staying in tomorrow!


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