Saturday, 20 August 2016

I'm melting

We had a huge rainfall during the night or early morning. Huffle woke me up to tell me. I don't think he meant to, but it surprised him.

Oh no! Not already. Not leaves turning red and falling!

Huffle and the boys got up early just so they could watch the Stoke game. Later Huffle said he wished he'd stayed in bed. The Leicester game wasn't on here until 12:30 which happened to coincide with us being out for dinner in a bar with multiple TV's. Now that we a regulars and know the owner, we requested for the one of the TV's to show the game. He put it on the one closest to us and came over to see which team we were watching. When we told him Leicester he laughed and said it was a one off them winning the championship. I told him it was our home town and he let us off though he was an Arsenal supporter since he was a child though he didn't know why. Of all the teams he could like!!!!!! PENALTY!!!!!!!!

This morning we all did our own thing, football watching, tablet playing, knitting. It was nice and relaxing. Then out for dinner and off to the Jazz Festival for the afternoon. It was incredibly hot today with temperatures of 33* and high humidity. We tried to stick to shadey areas but it's not easy in a small town filled with people with many bands playing.

We listened to Peripheral Vision, Carlo (a surf jazz band, I liked these, very 60's sounding), Turboprop (we have seen these before) and a really good female singer. Normally we would sample food from the Indian Restaurant here but it was too hot for curry today. Instead we found a new Gelato place and sat in the cool of the air conditioning and spoke to the owner. Huffle and Smallest had a lemon one, Small had a chocolate one and I had Affogato. Vanilla Ice Cream drowned in Espresso. I've been wanting to try one of these for a while now. Perfect, my two favourite things in one cup.

I bought myself a new blue straw hat which was definitely needed. We entered a Competiton to win a trip to New York for Tom Hank's new film, Smallest got given a tape measure and I was handed a Green Tea Bag from the Church. We visited the little park and were disappointed that the garden hadn't been maintained since we were last there. Even the shiny reflective ball had disappeared. We tried to keep cool but there was no breeze so sat on the steps of the music stand while a band played. Of course we were soon joined by another family. Trend setters, that's what we are. The boys caught a few Pokemon and evolved one too.

We found another bit of shade to listen to another band and then used the facilities of the art gallery and borrowed their coolness for a while whilst listening to more music. Smallest wanted to walk over the bridge so we set off for the Pond but it was just too hot and we gave up and came home.

We all jumped in the pool despite its greenness. Well if it's good enough for the Olympics, it's good enough for us though we didn't stay in too long. Tomorrow we will vacuum and clean it properly, though the boys gave it a good sponge and brush and Huffle threw some chemicals in at the end.

This evening we watched the end of Angry Birds and found out why the birds were angry. Not a bad film really, better than I expected. We watched half of Robot Wars before Smallest went to bed and then watched the Olympics with Small before he went to bed. Mo Farrah's race was excellent, plus the women's 4x400m. We are going to miss the Olympics.

Huffle and I watched A Hologram for the King. I would recommend this film, it was very good.

Huffle went out to pick me a cucumber and came back with these. He was very impressed with his harvest

Yesterday I read a report on Facebook about Nicholas Cage dying (hoax, why do people do that?) and then today one about Angelina Jolie. I don't know how, but I somehow posted about it myself and it kept popping up. Em from back home text me to say it was a bit weird (she knew I wouldn't post that) so I tried to delete it and then much later ExerciseNic texted me to say it kept popping up (said said she would understand if it was Adale but not AJ). Honestly, what a nightmare. Hopefully it's gone now. In the future I will only read these things from a newspaper site. Arrrrggghhhhh so annoying!


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