Saturday, 6 August 2016

Around the world in a truck

Huffle had a poor nights sleep again where his back hurt. Too much kicking the ball before football? Too much running to get the balls back in the bag when it started to rain? Not sitting properly? Apparently I slept on soundly and very quietly.

This morning the boys all watched Stoke v Hamburgler the MacDonalds baddy. The baddy won. Huffle said it was a pre-season friendly that wasn't very friendly at the end.

Midday we went to the library to find it closed and went on to the bank to pick up Smallest's lost hat and add Huffle to the kids new Bank Accounts so he can add lots of money for them as apparently he owes them hundreds!!! Then we went back home, put on suncream (the weather forecast said cool and cloudy and it was actually little cloud with temperatures of 32*). Back to the library to take back books, get new ones, enter the ballot for the summer reading club and borrow a Wii game.

For lunch/dinner we went to the Food Truck Festival in The Esplanade Park in Pickering. It was much bigger that the one we went to earlier in the year and was in a park which was nicer than a car park. We started with a trip to Italy for Arancini Balls in a tomato sauce which we ate on the end of someone's table in the shade.

Next we sampled Texas potato Tornados. A spiralled potato fried, a cross between a chip (fries) and a crisp (chips).

Small wanted to try the deep fried Mac n Cheese (is that considered North American or South of Amercia?) but I couldn't have any as it had sausage in it. They liked it though I shall not be making it at home.

Smallest had a freshly made lemonade and I had a Mill Street Organic Beer and we had two different types of Enchilladas. I had an Equadorian Cheese in mine but it was fried and had sugar on the outside - not sure, it was different. The boys all tried beef and potato ones. Huffle had decided he wanted to try the Key Lime Pie in a jar and we helped him with it. It was excellent. I will definitely have a go at this one.

My favourite Pokemon Go player today

It was busy and hot and we chose to leave and have a cooling milkshake at Shake Rabble and Roll and then come home for a dip in the pool.

Huffle fell asleep while we were getting ready and the rest of us cleaned the pool and then played on our gadgets.

This evening we fed all our vegetables, and some of the poor looking flowers our Comfrey Tea. The smell carried on the wind and the boys complained a lot. I got them to feed and water their pumpkins. Mother weren't pleased and washed themselves off in the sprinkler. When we put Smallest to bed, he kicked me out of his bed for smelling too much like comfrey. Pah!

Netflix is still not working and the problem has been sent to the Senior Technical Team. I doubt we'll hear from them soon! IPlayer is still not working either and we are still having ongoing emails.


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