Sunday, 28 August 2016

Available to assess your Tangella

Lots of lovely sleeping, lie-ins and a lazy morning of playing table football, table tennis and some gadget time. It was really hot and humid and then we had a heavy rainfall and then it was hot and humid again.

For our early afternoon dinner, Huffle and I made three different risottos. Sausage and Tomato, Garden Vegetable and a chicken one. Very yummy.

This afternoon we all played Mario Kart, the boys played table football and Lego and Huffle Skyped Grandma and Grandad.

Early evening we went to football practice. There were only seven boys who turned up tonight so they did things a bit different and I think it was much more fun than normal. They had loads of penalty practice with Small as the Giant Goalie. Huffle collected the balls that went behind the net but unfortunately got a blister from our walk around all the pitches two and a half times and then he bent his long toe over and damaged itbecause he took his shoes off when he got the blister. Smallest hurt his back (we think he may have pulled a muscle or strained it trampolining).



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