Monday, 22 August 2016

Is the ceiling fizzy

Huffle worked from the basement and came out to cut the grass and buy salt bags (we have to add salt to our water softener). He noticed the Beer Store now sells food and shampoo! Ummmm I wonder what the local general store thinks about that? A bit of local Competiton.

The boys and I decided to take full advantage of the slighter cooler day (23*) and with the bikes still all being in the back of my car, and went back to where we walked yesterday by the lake. This time we cycled. The car park was full, normally at the weekend it is empty but I suppose the commuters were parked there today. We had to use the overflow car park. We are experts at getting the bikes in and out now, though it does take three of us. Two to haul the bikes out and one to hold the helmets (Smallest).

It was perfect cycling weather. A nice breeze off the lake, cloudy, shady but still warm. We cycled further than we walked yesterday and Smallest belted down a hill at top speed and on the way back up the hill, hit a bump and crashed his little boy parts. He was almost in tears. Bless him, I still don't think he is 100% well. I'm not either. My sore throat is back and I feel very hot with cold feet at times and occassionally dizzy or faint.

Up high was a Bird Sanctury that wasn't a great place to cycle because it was mainly uphill with paths of woodchips and bark. Smallest went off ahead without us and Small's chain fell off. We caught up with Smallest eventually and came out of the Bird Sanctuary and cycled along the road back to our trail. The same trail goes all the way to Toronto but that's a bit too far for us amateurs.

After we turned around and made our way back to the beach, we stopped for lunch and a Pokemon catch. Today we caught a Capone in the lake. It's not one I've heard of before.

After a bit of stone throwing, we made our way back towards the station and the car, stopping on the way for a rest and an apple. Then we drove home. The journey was about half an hour each way and we cycled for a couple of hours. It was nice, we got some fresh air and some exercise.

I made dinner very slowly and the kids played on their tablets. Smallest and I had a play on the Wii playing Super Mario Bros. After dinner we all played Mario Kart. The kids watched Tv and Huffle and I sat on the porch. I had to have a blanket and Huffle put on a fleece. It's getting cooler definitely.



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