Tuesday, 9 August 2016

We are 11th and they are 29th

The boys decided they were having a lazy day and didn't get out of their Pj's until lunchtime! They watched TV, read and played on their tablets.

I went out to see ShopkeeperEl to see what she thought of my sock heel. She hated it! She said my foot was too long and my heel messy. Well at least she was honest. I am going back on Friday and she is going to teach me the 'fish lips heel' and says I will love it and never want to do anything to else. I called TheEnglishRose later to see if she fancied coming and at first said no but I'm hoping I persuaded her. She's going to think about it and let me know. The boys will come too and sit and play on their tablets probably. While I was out I picked up some bits we missed yesterday and came home.

It was a hot one again today. We all had lunch and then while the boys read, I made some sugar paste flowers. I have been asked if I will decorate a 50th Wedding Anniversary cake for a relative of TheRoyals. She is making the cake and icing it (three tiers) and she wants me to make flowers and write on it. We are going to do it together next week. I stayed at home while the boys were footballing and practised my piping skills.

This afternoon, the boys and I played in and read by the pool. Smallest and I went to the library in a hurry straight after getting out of the water. We didn't bother getting dressed, just threw some clothes on top of our cossies. The state of my hair, goodness me, I would never have left the house looking like that in the UK!!!!

I came in and made dinner leaving the boys up at the pool. Small was in charge and Smallest was very annoying apparently.

This evening everyone but me went to football where Smallest had his team photo and a practice. Coach made a comment about me not being there and told Huffle that I 'tore a strip off him at the last game'. Huffle and Seymour had a good laugh at that.

Late evening we watched the Olympics. Excellent swimming by Siobhan and the men's relay team.


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