Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hot surprise

Lovely sleep for all - hurrah!

We had a morning of watching the Olympics and watching Leicester City v Man Puke, plus a bit of knitting and some Wii playing by the boys.

Huffle and I made a garden vegetable Quiche for lunch/dinner using tomatoes, courgettes and chilli from our garden. I thought the chilli was a sweet pepper and burnt my lips trying it. It was so hot, I had to suck on an ice cube for ages. The boys harvested our potatoes which e were growing in bags. We had white and red and they were delicious. They did a good job and the quiche was lovely. No soggy bottoms for us.

While the boys were waiting for thier dinner, they played in the pool. It was slighter cooler and breezier today and the air con has finally been turned off and windows opened.

After dinner we had a sundae and Facetimed Grandma and Grandad on the porch and then we all weeded the side garden. Small and I laid down a tarpaulin to stop the weeds growing and to make a new bit of garden and hoed and weeded. Smallest emptied the wheelbarrow into compost corner and ran around emptying our weed buckets for us. Huffle weeded and replanted some hostas. We all worked very hard and rewarded ourselves with an evening play in the pool (at 7pm!!). We had a lot of fun and played water hide and seek again.

This evening we tried to watch Robot Wars but we are now having trouble with BBC on our TV now. Annoying!! After Smallest went to bed, Small, Huffle and I started watching Interstellar.


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