Wednesday, 17 August 2016

You ain't no lady!

I didn't sleep well and woke up with a headache. I wouldn't mind but I never touched a drop of alcohol last night. I had my headache all day. Could be the weather I suppose. Today it was cloudy with temperatures in the mid 20's but still muggy.

We had a slow start to the day and then the boys and I went food shopping and cheap ball shopping. We failed on the ball shop though. Typical. I only ever find the correct type of ball when we don't need them. I should just buy them and store them away somewhere. We did do the food shop and the boys were very helpful finding me things. I do need to teach them to look at prices better though. Smallest is okay at that part and normally tells me things are too expensive to buy but Small picks up anything regardless of how expensive or cheap.

Back home we emptied the bags and made lunch. The boys watched TV together and Huffle and I started a new series of Married at First Sight Australila (C4). Couples get married and don't meet until they are being married. Fabulous.

This afternoon I left the boys playing on their tablets and went to visit The Royals. It was their 50th wedding anniversary at the weekend and I zentangled on a heart shaped stone for them. I sat and had a cup of tea and a long chat with MrsRoyal.

Later I made a Lentil Dahl and a Butter Chicken for dinner. It was quite hot and we said that once upon a time, the boys would have cried if they had that much spice. Their spice tolerance levels are getting better. The boys and I cooled down on the porch while Huffle tidied the kitchen.

This evening we all went to Small's football. I have stayed away from football for ages due to hot weather, tiredness or just not wanting to get into any conflicts. Silly me! I sat there happily watching my son play and my husband coach, plus having a laugh with Smallest and the others in Small's team, when along comes one of the mums and complains to Huffle that her son had only been on the field for 11 minutes and other boys in the team had been on for much longer. It wasn't fair, Huffle wasn't playing them equally........blah blah blah. Huffle explained (in the middle of coaching the game) that he was trying to play everyone and that he volunteered his services and he was not paid. She then had a go at him again and MrFrench and his family and then stood next to my chair and started yelling like a fish wife. She swore also and I could hold my tongue no more. I told her to watch her language and pointed to Smallest. Her reply "I'm sure he's heard much worse!". She then continued shouting until her own son asked her to sit down as she was embarrassing him. I told her she was a 'lovely lady' and then told her actually she was no lady with a mouth like that. She asked me who my child was and I pointed to Smallest. I wasn't going to tell her that my son was also the coach's son. She had a go at MrFrench and told us all it "was JUST house league you know". EXACTLY WOMAN, SIT DOWN AND SHUP UP! She sat down but not before she told me she had many words she could teach my son. CHARMING!!! I stayed for a while but packed up my chair and went and talked to one of the Dad's I met last year. EDIT: Huffle just received an email from the woman's husband complaining about his behaviour this evening saying he acted unprofessionally in front of the team and he should think about resigning. OMG did he not see how his wife behaved? POT KETTLE BLACK.

Anyway, Small's team won once again and the oppositions Coach was MrWhat who Huffle says has been broken by him!

Back home, we watched some more Olympics and Huffle and I were talking about the days of Steve Cram, Seb Coe, Steve Ovett and Huffle said "I've been next to Daly Thompson while he ate a chicken drumstick!" WOW. That's a claim to fame!


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