Monday, 15 August 2016

Nine boiled eggs for breakfast

Huffle had to go to Burlington today which was a long drive, especially having to drive back home much later.

A new Echinacea on our garden. Poor thing has a stunted growth due to the drought

The boys and I had a morning of nothing much. We were tired! I still don't feel 100%. Small played on his tablet by himself and with Smallest. Smallest and I played on the Wii and I did four loads of washing and finished my sock and started another one.

After lunch we went to the lake and had a walk, a play on the park, another walk, a play with the ball where it burst because the kids blew it up too much and a very quick run through the Splash Pad. We stayed for nearly two hours and then came home. It was cooler but really muggy.

Walking with Popsicles (not my word)
Splish splash wash your hands
Monkey climbing
Beach walking

After dinner we had a visit from our plumber who was doing some work at Otto's and asked if they could borrow our water as they had none at all. We hooked up our hose and popped it through to them until tomorrow morning when the plumber is back. They need it for toilet flushing, washing etc and to top up their well tomorrow. Otto came round later with a bottle of red wine and some home grown tomatoes, sweet peppers and hot peppers - very nice.

This evening we watched more Olympics. Loving it. Can't believe we are 2nd in table.


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